Policy aspects relating to nuclear power and nuclear proliferation. Current topics include energy security, nuclear economics, nuclear power and climate change, US global nuclear policy and nuclear proliferation.

Nuclear Economics

Once touted as "too cheap to meter", nuclear energy has proven to be one of the most costly ways to generate electricity. With talk increasing of a "nuclear renaissance, this page provides links to reports that examine the economics of nuclear power.

Nuclear Power & Climate Change

Nuclear power is increasingly being cited as a possible way to meet growing energy demand while at the same time reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. The studies in this collection examine the feasibility of this approach, considering such issues as cost, safety, waste disposal, and the effect on nonproliferation.

US Global Nuclear Policy

With the change in administration, US policy toward the global use of nuclear power is in flux. The documents in this collection detail the evolving policy of the US government to global nuclear cooperation, the nuclear fuel cycle, safeguards, and spent fuel issues.

Nuclear Proliferation

The dilemma of how to utilize nuclear energy without contributing to the spread of nuclear weapons continues to confound policymakers. The documents in this collection examine nuclear safeguards, protection of nuclear material, proliferation resistance, and nonproliferation and disarmament methods.

Energy Security

With increasing evidence that the global oil peak may have already passed, many countries are considering nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. This collection focuses on the ongoing collaborative research in nuclear-related energy security issues as part of the Nautilus Institute's Asian Energy Security project.