Globalization & Governance

Thursday, August 1, 2002

The Globalization & Governance Program identifies and promotes innovative policies and business practices to enhance social and environmental ethics in global markets. We believe that public policy, consumer information and better corporate governance are powerful tools in strengthening environmental protection, human rights, and economic inclusion. The Program also explores opportunities for California’s corporations, investors, and legislators to exert leadership and leverage over ethical market governance in the global economy.



Investment Rules
The International ‘Sustainable and Ethical’ Investment Rules Project aims to produce a draft Framework for a set of global ‘Sustainable Development Investment Rules’–and to stimulate a global coalition to press for its implementation. It seeks to develop the conceptual and strategic foundation for an approach to the global governance of investment, both portfolio and foreign direct investment (FDI), that integrates environmental, social, and human rights norms.

Corporate Accountability
The California Global Corporate Accountability Project aims to enhance the standards of U.S. multinationals in terms of both environmental protection and promotion of human rights. It focuses on the central importance of credible and verifiable information about corporate performance-and the role of government and corporate policy in obtaining it.

The Project focuses on multinationals headquartered in California in three industry sectors: oil, high tech and finance.

Human Rights and Environment
The Human Rights and Environment Ombudsman Project, an initiative of the Earth Council, aimed to develop the conceptual foundation for an new NGO mediator in conflicts involving globalization, human rights and the environment. Directed by the Nautilus Institute, the Project examined corporate accountability and generated ten case studies from Asia, Latin America and Asia. The Project papers will be published as Human Rights and the Environment, Conflicts and Norms in a Globalizing World (Lyuba Zarsky, ed., Earthscan Press).


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