Energy, Security and Environment

Energy Security

LIDSKY, Lawrence M., MIT
Nuclear Power in a World with Options
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Argues that nuclear power safety concerns can be alleviated if the technology other than light water reactor (LWR) technology is used.

November 11, 1997: Summarizes the Seventh Meeting of the International Working Group on Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM) of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific outlines, in which the participants were given a thorough elucidation of Japan’s nuclear power industry. This was done through the auspices of the IWG in order to contribute to a greater awareness among both the policy-making and nuclear energy communities of regional concerns related to nuclear energy research and production.

Renewable Energy

WILLIAMS, Jim, et al, Nautilus Institute
The wind farm in the cabbage patch

Describes Nautilus Institute’s Renewable Energy Project in North Korea, in which a team of American energy specialists and their North Korean counterparts install seven wind generators, which provide power to the village clinic, kindergarten, and 20 households.