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In-depth critical analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific . . . and the world. The Asia-Pacific Journal seeks to illuminate the  geopolitics, economics, history, society, culture, international relations and forces for change in the modern and contemporary Asia-Pacific.

In addition to articles prepared for the journal, it offers translations from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages. This peer-reviewed, open source journal is a fully indexed resource. Its website contains more than 2,000 articles. What’s Hot is a special section on fast-breaking contemporary events. Subscribers receive a free weekly newsletter published each Monday, normally linking to four to seven new articles. More than 100,000 articles are accessed each month with readers from more than 180 countries on six continents. More than 6,000 people in 195 countries presently subscribe to APJ, including 2,700 who follow us through Facebook or Twitter, and their numbers are growing steadily. All articles are fully indexed by author, title and key word. Peer review process recognized by Ulrich’s Global Serial Directory.

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To contribute an article to The Asia-Pacific Journal contact info.japanfocus@gmail.com