Center for Energy Governance and Security (EGS)

layout_set_logoThe Center for Energy Governance and Security (EGS) at Hanyang University is a comprehensive university research institution that conducts research activities on wide range of energy issues and was established with support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and National Research Foundation.

The Energy Governance Center (Director: Prof. Kim Yeon-gyu) of Hanyang University held its inauguration ceremony on November 14, 2012.

Energy governance refers to activities related to understanding overall political, economic and social issues as well as comprehensive consideration on changes and trends in environment, ecosystems, science and technology to seek solutions for energy technologies and policies that can save mankind. Given that a large number of socio-scientific issues are so complex that they cannot be solved by research on a certain area, necessity for converged research is growing. And the Energy Governance Center combined such study with energy.

The Energy Governance Center conducts a variety of research projects to work out energy and climate strategies of the nation for establishing peace structure in Northeast Asia and Korean peninsula. Research projects will include theoretical consideration on paradigm shift on energy and climate, empirical study and prediction of changes in long-term world energy and climate by 2030, and formulation of strategies for lifting Korea to an advanced country and achieving long-term development.

The Energy Governance Center has built international networks. Based on cooperation networks already established with scientists in other countries through joint research projects, the Center aims at further expanding such networks while conducting joint study programs with international research institutions.