Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 12 December 2013

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"Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 12 December 2013", NAPSNet Weekly Report, December 12, 2013,

deterrence imageDETERRENCE:  NORAD Intercept Procedures, slide 82 (no date) [PDF, 38MB]

“What should you do if you are intercepted by a military fighter aircraft and it starts rocking its wings & flashing its navigational lights?
a) You should immediately start rocking your aircraft wings & flash navigational lighting and if the intercepting aircraft makes a turn follow him.
b) You should ignore the fighter, he is just there to say hello.
c) You should call ATC and tell them you have a fighter aircraft following you around and ask them why this is happening to you.
d) You should just keep on flying, the fighter aircraft won’t do anything, those live missiles on the aircraft are just for show.“

DPRK imageDPRK: International meeting for peace and stability on Korean Peninsula held in Potsdam, (North) Korean Central News Agency (21 November 2013)

North Korea held an international conference in Potsdam as a possible sign of rapprochement.  China and both Koreas attach special importance to the Potsdam Declaration and the Cairo Declaration. In the Cairo Declaration, three Allied Powers “…determined that in due course Korea shall become free and independent”.  Paragraph 8 of the Potsdam Declaration specifies that Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to 4 named islands and “such minor islands as we (the Allies) determine”.

  • Text of the Cairo Communiqué (Declaration), President of the United States, President of the National Government of the Republic of China and the Prime Minister of Great Britain (1 December 1943)
  • Text of the Potsdam Declaration, President of the United States, President of the National Government of the Republic of China and the Prime Minister of Great Britain (26 July 1945)

energy imageENERGY SECURITY: Abrupt impacts of climate change: Anticipating surprises, National Research Council of the National Academies (December 2013) [Video]

Models of abrupt climate change are based on an imbalance between expectation and reality. Anticipating surprises is a contradiction in terms. Do we just need better flood maps – for realistic expectations –and watershed management, not carbon tax, with unknowable results?

Gov imageGOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Watchdog launched for Samsung labor rights, Lee Jung-gook, Hankyoreh (9 December 2013)

A civic group aiming to protect workers at Samsung has launched, established in response to Samsung’s no-union policy. The ROK government has issued a report warning of an increase in tensions between employers and unions in the coming year due to various imminent policy changes. An operator of the ROK’s railway system has laid off thousands of unionized workers for striking against a perceived privatization of the rail system.

AUstral imageAUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Resident power: building a politically sustainable U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia and Australia, Ely Ratner, CNAS (October 2013) [PDF, 4.1MB]

A CNAS report urges the US to throttle back its apparent preparations “for hegemonic war (most likely against China)” in order to rebuild a sustainable presence in Southeast Asia with regional partners. With Japan and South Korea barely speaking, the capacity of another regional ally, Australia, to collaborate in that project has dramatically slipped, as fallout from Snowden leaks reshapes its relations with the most important country in SE Asia.

The Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly Report presents articles and full length reports each week in six categories: Austral security, nuclear deterrence, energy security, climate change and security, the DPRK, climate change adaptation and governance and civil society. Our team of contributors carefully select items that highlight the links between these themes and the three regions in which our offices are found—North America, Northeast Asia, and the Austral-Asia region. 

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