Salt Ash Air Weapons Range

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"Salt Ash Air Weapons Range", Australian Defence Facilities, March 28, 2018,


Salt Ash Air Weapons Range is an ADF air to ground gunnery and bombing facility located about 6 km from RAAF Williamtown RAAF. The range is approximately 34 hectares in size, with a 2,790 hectare safety template zone. It is used regularly by the RAAF for bombing and strafing practice. Due to local pressure over excessive noise, the range is limited to a  maximum of 115 days of operational use each year over a 10 year rolling average. In 2017 it was used for 39 days. In April 2018 it was scheduled to be used by US Air Force B-52 bombers deployed to RAAF Darwin with RAAF F/A-18A Hornets, PC-9 aircraft and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers for training in close air support scenarios in regional coalition operations.


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Target area/ range









Salt Ash Air Weapons Range 2015 Australian Noise Exposure Forecast map (2011)






























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