Humpty Doo Transmission Station

  Introduction Location: -12.607724°, 131.289040° Corner of Arnhem Highway and Anzac Parade, Humpty Doo, Northern Territory. The Humpty Doo Transmitter Station is part of the Darwin node of the ADF Modernised High Frequency Communications System, paired with the receiver located within the Shoal Bay facility. The Humpty Doo Station was constructed as the Naval Transmission Station […]

The North West Cape cluster of high technology defence facilities

The North West Cape cluster of high technology defence facilities  [drawn from Richard Tanter, ‘Dangerous liaisons: Pine Gap (and the Alice) as nuclear target, then and now. Part 4’, Pearls & Irritations, 14 November 2021] Deepening US access to more Australian military and intelligence bases In recent years successive Australian governments have been insistent on […]

Lavarack Barracks

Home to the 3rd Brigade and 11th Brigade and one of the major military establishments in Northern Australia. Elements of the 3rd Brigade based at the Barracks include the 3rd Combat Signals Regiment, 3rd Combat Services Support Battalion and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Infantry Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment. 2018 In April 2018 […]

Salt Ash Air Weapons Range

Introduction Salt Ash Air Weapons Range is an ADF air to ground gunnery and bombing facility located about 6 km from RAAF Williamtown RAAF. The range is approximately 34 hectares in size, with a 2,790 hectare safety template zone. It is used regularly by the RAAF for bombing and strafing practice. Due to local pressure […]

Pine Gap – recent media coverage

2017 Alyssa Betts, ‘CIA document shows NT Pine Gap spy base could be attack target, foreign policy expert says‘, ABC News, 24 January 2017 Hayley Sorensen, ‘CIA documents reveal Pine Gap fears’, NT News, 19 January 2017. ‘National Intelligence Daily, 13 February 1987’, Central Intelligence Agency, Declassified in Part – Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/11/09: […]

Resources – Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap

NOTE: THIS PAGE IS BEING thoroughly RECONSTRUCTED. PLEASE BEAR WITH US for a little while. RT, FEBRUARY 2016 SEE ALSO Pine Gap – introduction Recent media coverage Pine Gap images gallery Antennas of Pine Gap image gallery Kristian Laemmle-Ruff Pine Gap images Felicity Ruby Pine Gap image gallery Table and photokey of antennas at Pine Gap Pine […]

The Pine Gap project

Papers by Desmond Ball, Bill Robinson, and Richard Tanter, and other colleagues Earlier publications by Desmond Ball and Richard Tanter on Pine Gap Commentary and media coverage See also: Pine Gap – introduction This page lists the publications and resources associated with the research on Pine Gap by Desmond Ball, Bill Robinson and Richard Tanter. It will […]