South Korea

Information on and perspectives from the South Korean government, military and civil society on topics relating to a possible Korea-Japan Nuclear Weapons Free Zone.


The Sixth Anniversary of the September 19 Joint Statement: We Cannot Delay the Resumption of the Six-Party Talks Anymore
Korea Peace Forum, Nautilus Institute Policy Forum, 4 October 2011

The 2012 Nuclear Security Summit: Opportunities and Challenges
Duyeon Kim, Korea Economic Institute, 28 September 2011

Park Chung Hee, the CIA, and the Bomb
Peter Hayes and Chung-in Moon, Nautilus Institute Special Report, 23 September 2011

Supporting Materials

How Conducive is the Military Environment to a Korea Japan Nuclear Weapon Free Zone?  Observations, Derivations and Postulations
Cavazos, R., East Asia Nuclear Security Workshop, Tokyo, Japan (November 2011)