Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI)

Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI)


Strengthening the Pacific’s Crime Fighting Capabilities, Minister For Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer, Media Release AA 04 012, 17 February 2004

“The project will also complement the recently established Australian-led Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI), first announced by the Prime Ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji at the Pacific Islands Forum in August 2003. The PRPI, to be implemented over five years, represents a significant long-term commitment to regional policing by the Australian Government with funding of approximately $17 million. This includes a contribution of NZ$2.5 million from the New Zealand Government.

“Based in Suva, the PRPI will support the region’s efforts to fight crime and corruption through the establishment of a ‘Virtual Academy’ that will coordinate and deliver training to police across the Pacific. Mobile training teams will also travel throughout the Pacific delivering improved standardised training. In addition to strengthening the Pacific’s crime fighting capabilities, the initiative will also strengthen regional policing strategies and foster regional networking and the pooling of regional resources.”

Regional Co-operation in the Pacific – an Australian perspective; High Commissioner Alan Hawke, Otago Foreign Policy School, 2004

“The Pacific Regional Policing Initiative has focused so far on completing the necessary groundwork for full implementation of activities from July 2004. Those elements are in place or very close to it and the PRPI is now in a good position to develop important linkages between Pacific Police Forces. Standardised protocols for police work, delivery of Executive Management Programs through the University of the South Pacific, and high level training teams are all key elements in developing a more integrated approach to Pacific policing. 

“The $17m, five year Regional Policing initiative will train up to 900 Pacific police officers each year, assisting the fight against terrorism and organised crime. The Australian Federal Police will maintain their presence in the Pacific to strengthen good governance and law enforcement capacity….Regional teams will deliver basic police training, covering issues such as HIV / AIDS, human rights, gender and domestic violence. A key element of the PRPI involves development of an Executive Management Program to be delivered in conjunction with the University of the South Pacific. Content has now been approved for delivery at the Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels.”


Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI) website

“Australian assistance is intended to help FICs [Forum Island countries] to strengthen their own capacity to respond to both internal law and order issues and regional security challenges. This initiative is consistent with the policy aims of the Australian Government and is compatible with the growing desires of FICs to cooperate on a regional basis with regard to common law, justice and security issues. While the bilateral approach provides the essential core of Australian support to strengthening specific police agencies in the region, the PRPI provides the opportunity to draw together a number of critical initiatives of a strategic nature that would not be viable on a bilateral basis.

“The Australian Government will fund the Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI), with an additional contribution from the Government of New Zealand. New Zealand support will take two forms. Firstly, a direct financial contribution to the PRPI, to be notionally attributed to Component 1 – support to the South Pacific Chiefs of Police Conference. Secondly, New Zealand will provide ‘in kind’ support for community safety/domestic violence policing training activities, utilising NZ Police personnel.”

PRPI – Progress under implementing Pacific Plan objectives, Pacific Plan, Item 13.3

“The Pacific Regional Policing Initiative (PRPI) has identified a series of common critical issues requiring capacity building including executive leadership, strategic planning, policy development, investigative practices, basic police competencies and forensics capabilities. A component of the PRPI is the NZ Police-led Domestic Violence Programme. The newly drafted regional model Sexual Offences legislation and proposed sub-regional workshops will be closely integrated with this program. These components formed part of the Regional Workshop on Gender, Conflict, Peace & Security together with law enforcement approaches held in June 2006.”


Australian Federal Police, Attorney General’s Department Portfolio Budget Statement, 2009-10

1.6.2—Pacific Police Development Program

  • 2008-09: $5,164
  • 2009-10  $10,008
  • 2010-11  $11,489
  • 2011-12  $12,637

Component 1.6.2 objective

The Pacific Police Development Program supports socioeconomic development and improved regional security by enhancing the effectiveness of, and public confidence in, Pacific police.

Component 1.6.2 deliverables

The Pacific Police Development Program provides capacity development and development assistance to Nauru, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. The program also incorporates a multilateral program of support to all other members of the Pacific Island Forum, with the exception of Fiji. The principal deliverable is to establish a robust policing capability in the Pacific region.