Semi-Weekly Bulletin

The Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet) Semi-Weekly Bulletin covered critical national and regional security issues, broadly understood, in Australia and the surrounding region. Archives from 2005 until 2010.

APSNet, Semi-Weekly Bulletin

APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, October 13, 2010

  1. Self-reliance a long way off for Afghan province
  2. Tigers not ready to fly: Defence
  3. Army Chief warns soldiers against Afghan charge protests
  4. ASIO set to tap into more power
  5. Australia’s special envoy meets Iranian security official
  6. Canada to lose airbase in UAE
  7. The status quo isn’t working: a nuke-free zone is needed now
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, October 6, 2010

  1. Cost of war may lead to budget gap
  2. Facing battle fatigue
  3. Australia could charge WikiLeaks over US document release
  4. Soldiers charged over deadly Afghan raid
  5. US agrees to defence treaty
  6. Defence contract row widens
  7. Indonesian ambassador’s comments cause Dutch row
  8. The getting of wisdom
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 29, 2010

  1. SAS under fire over Kopassus training
  2. Boost ‘will speed Kabul transition’
  3. Afghanistan: Fatal error in the fog of battle
  4. Afghan prisoners handcuffed, blindfolded
  5. Prisoners of War: Bob Woodward and All the President’s Men (2010 Edition)
  6. From Helmand to Merseyside: Unmanned drones and the militarisation of UK policing
  7. Kiribati calls for binding climate change framework
  8. Security risks around LNG call for community leadership, says PNG Police Chief
  9. Obama, Southeast Asian leaders urge free navigation
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 22, 2010

  1. China suspends ministerial-level talks with Japan over boat clash
  2. Government unveils Weipa asylum seeker detention centre plans
  3. Super Hornets will put RAAF back on the regional front foot
  4. Afghanistan: Are we in this war to win it?
  5. Afghanistan: Digger’s angry email to be used in inquiry
  6. Nuclear power plants moved out of South Thailand
  7. 120 million Indonesians surviving on US$2 a day
  8. Howard-Bush defence treaty passes hurdle
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 15, 2010

  1. Police deny Densus 88 tortured detainees
  2. Timor’s deputy PM resigns
  3. Probes on deal to fly troops
  4. Karzai’s cronies make Afghan election a farce
  5. The Battle for Afghanistan: Militancy and Conflict in Zabul and Uruzgan
  6. Strategy right after nine years at war: Houston
  7. Thousands of Iraqi detainees at risk of torture after US handover
  8. Kan wins leadership race, but he still must deal with Ozawa and more opposition
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 8, 2010

  1. Power Shift: Australia’s future between Washington and Beijing
  2. Indonesia: A relationship in need of a rethink
  3. Autonomy failing in West Papua
  4. Pledge to probe defence contract
  5. Embassy in Ethiopia a UN gambit
  6. Alarm over rise in SE Asian piracy
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 1, 2010

  1. Afghanistan: Diggers may be charged over deaths of children
  2. Afghanistan: Toll adds to exit pressure
  3. Australia’s commitment in Afghanistan: moving to a more comprehensive approach
  4. Indonesia seeks $2.4bn oil spill compensation
  5. Detainee roof protest grows
  6. Defence flight contract cleared
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 25, 2010

  1. Brown urges Afghan talk as two more troops hurt
  2. Security outfit killed civilians, gets embassy job
  3. Afghan forces will not meet takeover deadline: general
  4. Military fears over Timor link to China
  5. Ramos-Horta to free rebels who shot him
  6. Medics to get armed back-up in Pakistan
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 18, 2010

  1.  Junta subverts sanctions with Australian radios
  2. Cavalry in charge of diggers
  3. Troops say gear failing in war zone
  4. Opening salvo has a familiar ring
  5. Defence contract scandal widens
  6. China ‘extending military reach’
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 11, 2010

  1. Chinese military seeks better links
  2. Indonesia tries to gag Papuan lecture
  3. After all these years, the Anzus freeze begins to thaw
  4. Concerned about China’s rise, Southeast Asian nations build up militaries
  5. Australia’s Jakarta embassy ‘always’ a jihadist target
  6. Hurt Timorese left with no recourse
  7. Our mate, the bloody warlord
  8. Afghan civilian casualties rise 31 per cent in first six months of 2010
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