Semi-Weekly Bulletin

The Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet) Semi-Weekly Bulletin covered critical national and regional security issues, broadly understood, in Australia and the surrounding region. Archives from 2005 until 2010.

APSNet, Semi-Weekly Bulletin

APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, October 5, 2009

  1. 83 Diggers 83 injured in Afghanistan became invisible
  2. Defence moves to block Chinese steelmaker
  3. Afghan insurgency seen spilling into Central Asia
  4. Assessing the case for war in Afghanistan
  5. The public cost of private security in Afghanistan
  6. Diverse sources fund insurgency in Afghanistan
  7. US storms troops into the Philippines
  8. Indonesia passes controversial graft court bill
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 10, 2009

  1. China in power play for uranium
  2. Afghanistan: Heron on the wing to guide Diggers
  3. Reserve warned on arms broker
  4. PNG: Carbon trading scandal linked to Government
  5. Balibo probe puts ties at risk: Indonesia
  6. Tokyo changes mean new opportunities for Australia
  7. NZ agents join secret war in Afghanistan
  8. Afghanistan by the numbers
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 7, 2009

  1. ASIO has ear on Chinese whispers
  2. Military exercises with Australia, US still on table
  3. Australian firm linked to PNG’s $100m carbon trading scandal
  4. Disarmament: words don’t match actions
  5. Are US taxpayers funding the Taliban?
  6. NATO strike magnifies divide on Afghan war
  7. [UK] Government gives up hope of more European NATO help in Afghanistan
  8. TNI intensifies patrol on the Indonesian-Philippine border
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, September 3, 2009

  1. Australia, US call on China for war games
  2. Jakarta to stiffen laws on terror
  3. PNG Cabinet considering State of Emergency in Morobe
  4. [East Timor] Call for justice over journalists’ killings
  5. NATO committed to Afghanistan regardless of poll worries
  6. Contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Afghanistan
  7. Urgent check for toxic chemical on navy subs
  8. Australia pressed on climate aid
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 31, 2009

  1. Legal check on ANL arms ship
  2. Rift looms as Dili mourns dead
  3. Still no clarity on Indonesian weapons seized by the Philippines on cargo ship
  4. Oil slick creeping closer to coast, say observers
  5. U.S. sets metrics to assess war success
  6. Police axe probe into kickbacks by AWB
  7. Australia looks for speedy new Japan links
  8. Burma and North Korea: Smoke or fire?
  9. Suharto son Tommy may get ‘his’ $61.7m
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 27, 2009

  1. Diggers assassinate Taliban leader Mullah Karim
  2. Minister farewells AFP members to Afghanistan
  3. U.S. military says its force in Afghanistan is insufficient
  4. East Timor’s stability being undermined
  5. East Timor seeks pipeline action
  6. Region’s biggest maritime surveillance operation acts to stop illegal fishing
  7. Defence Treaty back on track
  8. Rudd’s hostility forces nuclear group to bale out
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 24, 2009

  1. US to urge bigger role for Diggers in Afghanistan
  2. Mullen issues caution on Afghanistan
  3. Coalition divided on nuclear power
  4. Budget pressure delays landing of new fighter
  5. China: Shock and ore
  6. Indonesian will give East Timor military aid
  7. Indonesia: Naval patrols swell to keep out arms used by terrorists
  8. Overfishing spurs call to halve bigeye tuna catch
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 20, 2009

  1. Friend or foe – reckoning with China
  2. Schacht lobbied Rann for miner
  3. Indonesian police follow money trail from Noordin to Middle East
  4. Papua: All roads lead to the mine
  5. UN to wind back mission in Timor
  6. Key plan to bring Anzacs closer,
  7. Australian spooks face FBI-style makeover
  8. Former defense minister on Afghanistan: German mission is a ‘disaster’
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 17, 2009

  1. In defence of nuclear subs
  2. Burma, Iran, Iraq – oil in hot waters
  3. Diggers kicked out of Sudan
  4. Diggers face 5 more years in Afghanistan
  5. Gates: no troop request in Afghanistan review
  6. It’s not Christmas on this island home
  7. Hardening Australia: Climate change and national disaster resilience
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APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, August 13, 2009

  1. Diggers shoot Afghan cops at checkpoint
  2. Hebei’s stake in uranium
  3. [Japan] DPJ vows civilian Afghanistan aid
  4. Afghanistan hires 10,000 tribesmen to secure polls
  5. Terrorists ‘have attacked Pakistan nuclear sites three times’
  6. British nuclear tests in the Pacific and Pacific Islanders
  7. Labor moves to toughen up anti-terror laws
  8. Indonesian government considers Hercules planes purchase
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