The Last APSNet – A Message to Readers

After six years of publication, I have to tell you that this week we will be publishing the final APSNet bulletin and the final APSNet Policy Forum essays and APSNet Special reports…

On March 1st, 2011, Nautilus will launch a new information service incorporating work from all three of the Nautilus Institute nodes in Melbourne, Seoul and San Francisco. The new service will borrow an acronym from our longtime lead publication, Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network : NAPSNet. Only this time NAPSNet will signify the NAutilusPeace and Security Network.

APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, November 24, 2010

  1. North Korea fires artillery at South Korean island of Yeongpyeong
  2. Spy agency ASIS shuts six foreign stations
  3. NATO adopts transition plan for Afghan war
  4. Afghanistan Transition, Missing Variables
  5. [Afghanistan] US often asked for more troops
  6. Kevin Rudd calls for boost to DFAT
  7. Veterans fail to prove illnesses result from nuclear tests in Australia and Pacific
  8. George W. Bush can’t fight for freedom and authorise torture
  9. North Korea Reveals Stunning Nuclear Advance
  10. China Should Remain Prudent in Its Nuclear Fuel Path

APSNet Semi-Weekly Bulletin, November 17, 2010

  1. US politicians dismayed by Afghan president’s demand that military scale back operations
  2. Afghanistan: Slaughter of commanders drives Taliban to the table, suggests NATO strategy working
  3. China: Into stormy waters
  4. Defence accused of covering up $90m contract row
  5. Solomon Islands: Australia tried to stifle Moti career
  6. Sobering report on the cholera situation on PNG’s Daru Island
  7. Australia’s foreign aid budget under review
  8. New Zealand: White Paper puts us back in ANZUS
  9. Labour trafficking
  10. Five steps to becoming a more effective UN member