AdaptNet (ISSN: 1836-2478) is RMIT University Global Cities Research Institute’s Climate Change Adaptation Program network focused on urban climate change adaptation. It is produced in partnership with Nautilus Institute. This decentralized network creates a set of common knowledge and reference points for participants in the network; it offers information, analysis, and methodology to undertake urban climate change adaptive policy research and analysis. AdaptNet highlights best practice and demonstration projects.  It focuses on cities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, but acknowledges the global network of cities.


AdaptNet Editor: Saleem Janjua, Email: adaptnet@rmit.edu.au

English Edition

AdaptNet for 15 January 2008

  1. Coastal Erosion New South Wales Study – Australia
  2. Municipal Water Resource Management Strategies – Assessment
  3. Insurer Responses to Climate Change
  4. Economic Impacts of Climate Change and the Costs of Inaction
  5. How Can Schools Help Promote Disaster Risk Reduction?
  6. Summer Institute in Advanced Coastal Management – 2008
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AdaptNet for 11 December 2007

  1. Implications for Local Governments – South East Queensland
  2. Urban Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation
  3. Climate Change, Peace and War – Linkage
  4. Rainfall Variability Impacts on Crop Yield – Nigeria
  5. Climate Change Adaptation and Poverty Reduction
  6. First Climate Change Meet Post Bali – India
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AdaptNet for 4 December 2007

  1. Rural Australia Providing Climate Solutions
  2. Fuel Choice and Consumption in the US Energy Sector
  3. Environmental Change and Human Response – China
  4. Indonesian Rice Agriculture – Risk Assessment
  5. A Guidance Manual for Development Planning
  6. European Climate Conference Rovigo 2008
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AdaptNet for 27 November 2007

  1. Biodiversity and Adaptation Framework – NSW, Australia
  2. Adaptation in Urban Areas – Possibilities and Constraints
  3. Climate Change Impact Assessment – Model Inaccuracy
  4. ETAAC Discussion Draft Report Available for Comment
  5. Vulnerability of Food Systems to Global Environmental Change
  6. Local Adaptation Pathways Programme – Funding Available
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AdaptNet for 20 November 2007

  1. Adaptation Actions for Local Governments – Australia
  2. Investigating the Effects of Urbanization – Atlanta Region
  3. Conceptual Framework of Vulnerability
  4. Swiss Agricultural Production Risk and Adaptation – Modelling
  5. LDCs and SIDS Require International Community’s Attention
  6. Adaptation Skills for Professionals – Small Grants Programme
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AdaptNet for 13 November 2007

  1. Vulnerability Assessment of Great Barrier Reef
  2. Comparison of the UHI – Dallas and Houston
  3. Climate Change in Indonesia – Policy Gaps and Constraints
  4. Assessing Guidelines for Adaptation Policy to the Health Risks
  5. Community Based Adaptation – San Pedro del Norte
  6. What’s Next – IPCC Conference: Berlin
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AdaptNet for 30 October 2007

  1. Climate Change – Australian Agriculture and Forestry
  2. Spatial Variability in UHI Intensity – An Investigation
  3. Drying Tendency for Hungary in the 21st Century
  4. A Rapid Vulnerability Assessment Method – Indonesia
  5. Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples – AD Proposals
  6. EcoEDGE 2 Conference – Melbourne, Australia
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AdaptNet for 23 October 2007

  1. Australian Agriculture Sector – Opportunities and Risks
  2. Urban Vulnerability to Climate Change – India
  3. Adaptation: What U.S. States and Localities are Doing
  4. Tropical Cyclones and Damages – Sensitivity Analysis
  5. Sea Level Rise Due to Climate Change – Developing Countries
  6. Food Security and Environmental Change – Conference
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AdaptNet for 16 October 2007

  1. Australia’s Murray Darling Basin and Irrigated Agriculture
  2. Policies for Sustainable Cities – Implications
  3. Climate Change and Economic Opportunities – Washington
  4. Factoring Climate Concerns into Development Projects
  5. Addressing Vulnerability of Poor Communities – CBA
  6. Sustainability Conference 2008 – Malaysia
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AdaptNet for 9 October 2007

  1. Climate Change in Australia – New Projections
  2. Urban Health Vulnerability to Climate Change
  3. Global Warming Demands a National Solution in US
  4. Equity Implications in Forecasting Climate
  5. Climate Change Science and Indigenous People
  6. European Population Conference – Barcelona, Spain
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