AdaptNet (ISSN: 1836-2478) is RMIT University Global Cities Research Institute’s Climate Change Adaptation Program network focused on urban climate change adaptation. It is produced in partnership with Nautilus Institute. This decentralized network creates a set of common knowledge and reference points for participants in the network; it offers information, analysis, and methodology to undertake urban climate change adaptive policy research and analysis. AdaptNet highlights best practice and demonstration projects.  It focuses on cities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, but acknowledges the global network of cities.


AdaptNet Editor: Saleem Janjua, Email: adaptnet@rmit.edu.au

English Edition

AdaptNet for 10 June 2008

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AdaptNet for 3 June 2008

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AdaptNet for 27 May 2008

  1. Professional Development in Climate Change Adaptation – Australia
  2. Do Not Count on Climate Scientists to Do Your Work
  3. Moving Forward on Climate Change Adaptation-Canada
  4. Climate Change and Global Genetic Resources
  5. Climate Mapper Tool for SERVIR – First Edition
  6. International Conference on EcoBalance-Japan
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AdaptNet for 20 May 2008

  1. Australia’s Human Rights Obligations in Climate Change Responses
  2. Climate Change and Coastal Cities – Mombasa, Kenya
  3. Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment – India
  4. Socioeconomic Adaptation Strategies to Extreme Events in Europe
  5. Climate Change Impacts – Indigenous and Traditional Peoples
  6. Adaptation to Climate Change in Water Sector – Workshop
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AdaptNet for 13 May 2008

  1. Human Health Impacts of Climate Change for Australia
  2. Philanthropy’s Role in the Fight against Global Warming
  3. Climate Change Adaptation in Post-2012 Architecture
  4. Can New Nuclear Power Strengthen Energy Security?
  5. Mainstreaming Adaptation into Official Development Assistance
  6. Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands-Hanoi, Vietnam
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AdaptNet for 6 May 2008

  1. Climate Change Policy in Victoria – Strategic Directions
  2. Retrofitting Existing Homes for Climate Change Impacts
  3. A Hurdle Race towards a Meaningful Treaty on Climate Change
  4. Climate Change – The Case for Business Adaptation
  5. Community Vulnerability Assessment of Taber, Alberta
  6. Climate Change: Impacts and Responses – Conference 
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AdaptNet for 29 April 2008

  1. Climate Change Implications for Australian Protected Areas
  2. Interdependencies of Urban Impacts and Adaptation Actions
  3. What is the Significance of the 2007 Bali Conference?
  4. UK Government’s Position on Economics of Nuclear Power
  5. Indian Multi-Tiered Governance and Climate Change Adaptation
  6. Applied Energy Conference (ICAE 09) – Hong Kong
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AdaptNet for 22 April 2008

  1. Adapting Health Facilities to Climate Change – NSW, Australia
  2. Climate Change – What the Design Industry Can Do?
  3. Challenges for Flood Management in Thailand
  4. Implications for the Success of Adaptation Strategies
  5. Tools for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation – A Guide
  6. LITTORAL 2008 Conference – Venice, Italy
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AdaptNet for 15 April 2008

  1. Climate Change Implications for Australia’s National Reserve System
  2. Urban Areas – Climate Change Effects and Adaptation
  3. Mainstreaming Adaptation into the Disaster Management – India
  4. Organic Agriculture – Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy
  5. UK Local Governments and Climate Change – Report
  6. Interdisciplinary Climate Change Symposium – DISCCRS IV
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AdaptNet for 8 April 2008

  1. Adapting Agriculture to Future Climate Change
  2. Health, Environmental Challenges and Urban Development
  3. Bali Climate Change Conference 2007 – On the Road Again!
  4. Climate Change Adaptation Research in China
  5. Enhancing Community Solidarity through CBDM – Bangladesh
  6. Adaptation of Forests to Changing Climate – Conference
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