International Investment Rules Project

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"International Investment Rules Project", Projects, July 21, 2000,

International Sustainable and Ethical Investment Rules

A collaborative project between four innovative policy-oriented research groups working to develop a framework for the governance of investment that promotes environmental sustainability, human rights, global security, and economic inclusion.


“Slow-balization, Crouching Tiger Hidden Agenda, United Republic of Corporations, and Bull & Dove—Four Scenarios for Investment Governance.”

Final Report from the Investment Rules Project Consultation Held December, 2001 at the RBF Pocantico Conference Center.


Investment is the engine of economic growth.  The central challenge of sustainable and ethical development is to channel global private capital towards enhancing environmental sustainability, protecting human and labor rights, and improving social equity.  To date, rules, agreements and practices governing international investment have focused almost solely on defining, expanding and protecting investor rights.  As a result, the liberalization of investment, especially in many developing countries, has had at best a mixed record in terms of environmental and social impacts.  Better and more consistent performance will require that investors and their governments be held to new rules which clarify their environmental and social obligations.

More background on the project.

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