North East Asia Papers

Energy Dr. Hossein Razavi The World Bank Innovative Approaches to Financing Environmentally Sustainable Energy Development in Northeast Asia ( ) David Von Hippel and Peter Hayes, The Nautilus Institute Two Scenarios of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste Production in Northeast Asia ( ) Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute Energy and the Environment in Asia-Pacific: Regional […]

Resources Relating to Global Standards

Standards and Guidelines Voluntary Initiatives Social Investment Issues Partnerships Information and Resource Centers   Global Standards and Guidelines Global Reporting Initiative: Organized by the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES), The Global Reporting Initiative was established in late 1997 with the mission of designing globally applicable guidelines for preparing enterprise-level sustainability reports. In March 1999, […]

National Defense Construction

Structure and Organization of the Armed Forces The armed forces of the PRC are composed of the PLA, both the active and reserve components, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force and the militia. The CMC of the PRC directs and assumes unified command of the nation’s armed forces. The Ministry of National Defense under the […]

Asian Energy Security Workshop 2005

Asian Energy Security Workshop 2005 May 13th – 16th, 2005 Beijing, China Datasets: Datasets used to model energy paths in each of the countries of Northeast Asia as a part of the Asian Energy Security Project will be posted here as they are available. The datasets posted will be in Microsoft Excel format, and derived […]


 “East Asian Regional Security Futures: Theater Missile Defense Implications” The United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan, June 24-5, 2000 U.S. MISSILE DEFENSE PROGRAMS by Michael O’Hanlon  Missile defense has emerged as probably the most important defense issue in the 2000 presidential campaign, and one of the most difficult issues in current U.S. diplomacy.  It may also be […]

4th Fighter Wing Nuclear Planning, 1998

Following the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from South Korea in 1991, the US military has reorganized its nuclear planning against North Korea. Nuclear strike planning in support of operation plans (OPLAN) and other contingencies has been transferred to the 4th Fighter Wing based at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. In case the […]


California Global Corporate Accountability Project Case Studies and a New Policy Agenda for Corporate Accountability July 2002 Nautilus Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Beyond Good Deeds, the recently issued report on corporate accountability. The goal of the report is to foster a more robust public debate on legal, political and institutional reforms […]

Sustainable and Ethical International Investment Network feature articles

  Sustainable and Ethical International Investment Network feature articles Extracting the Bank from the Extractives by Leif Brottem, May 7, 2002 Leveraging Public Pension Funds: Towards sustainable and responsible corporate governance by Sandy Buffett, March 22, 2002 Financing For Development: Caught Between Polyanna and Cassandra? by Christine Ahn, Sandy Buffett and Lyuba Zarsky, February 4, […]

Commissioned papers on corporate accountability in the high-tech and oil sectors

California Global Corporate Accountability Project Project Reports and Roundtable Proceedings 5/17/02 Dodging Dilemmas? Press Release 5/03/02 Dodging Dilemmas? 3/12/02 Whose Business? A Handbook on Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights and the Environment High Tech Sector Reports 10/18/01 Manufacturing Growth With Social Deficits: Environmental and Labor Issues in the High Tech Sector of Penang, Malaysia 3/23/01 […]