Workshop Papers

“Partnership for Peace: Building Long-term Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia” 
The Second Collaborative Workshop on East Asia Regional Security Futures

The Center for American Studies, Fudan University
Shanghai, China, March 3-4, 2001


Workshop Papers

  • CHU Shulong
“The U.S. and China in the Early 21st Century” Link
  • JIN Guangyao
“The Changing Situation of the Korean Peninsula and Its Impact on Security Future” Link
  • LI Bin
“Missile Threats and Defenses”
  • SHEN Dingli
“Implications of the New US President” Link
  • XIA Liping
“Prospects for Cooperative Security in East Asia” Link
  • ZHU Chenghu
“East Asian Regional Security Futures: Positive Developments and Negative factors” Link
  • ZHU Mingquan
“US BMD Program Under Bush Administration” Link

United States
“Theater Missile Defense in Asia” Link
  • Bonnie GLASER
“U.S.-China Relations Face Both Challenges and Opportunities” Link
  • Derek MITCHELL
“Implications of the New Bush Administration for East Asia” Link
  • Brad ROBERTS
“US Ballistic Missile Defenses: Implications for Asia” Link
  • Lawrence SCHEINMAN
“Nuclear Arms Control and Nonproliferation” Link

  • HOSHINO Toshiya
“Prospects for Cooperative Security”
  • KUROSAWA Mitsuru
“Practical Steps for Nuclear Disarmament” Link
  • MATSUMURA Masahiro
“The G.W. Bush Administration and Northeast Asian Security” Link
  • MORIMOTO Satoshi
“East Asian Regional Security” Link
  • TAKESADA Hideshi
“The BMD Issue in Northeast Asia: Strategic Relations and Japan’s Option” Link

Republic of Korea
  • CHUNG Oknim
“Prospects for Cooperative Security on the Korean Peninsula” Link
  • MOON Chung-in
“Security Pragmatics for the Korean Peninsula” Link

  • Vladimir ORLOV
“Russia’s Nonproliferation Policy and the Situation in East Asia” Link
  • Alexander PIKAYEV
“East Asia and Missile Defenses: Right Militarily and Wrong Politically?” Link