Suggested Reading

Nuclear-weapon-free zones: working paper submitted by China in 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Final Document, Volume II, Part III

Joint Declaration, the People’s Republic of China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America on Mongolia’s Nuclear-Weapon-Free Status

Declaration by Mongolia Regarding Its Nuclear-Weapon-Free Status

Statement of Amb. J.Enkhsaikhan, Mongolia’s coordinator of its NWFS, at the ceremony of signing of the P5 and Mongolian declarations regarding the latter’s nuclear-weapon-free status
Amb. J.Enkhsaikhan

A Framework for Peace and Security in Northeast Asia
Atlantic Council Working Group on North Korea

The Limited Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in Northeast Asia: Is It Feasible?
Cheon Seongwhun

Northeast Asian Regionalism: A (Possible) Means to an End for Washington
Ralph A. Cossa

US Conventional Forces and Nuclear Deterrence: A China Case Study

Limited nuclear-weapon-free zones the time has come
John E. Endicott

美国对朝政策两次朝核危机比较  [American Policy Toward North Korea: A Comparison of Its Policy in the Two Nuclear Crisis – click here to read a summary in English]
Jishe Fan

朝核问题的历史经验与教训 [Historical Experiences and Lessons Learned from Korean Nuclear Crisis – click here to read a summary in English]
Fan Jishe

Achieving a Non-Nuclear Korean Peninsula Options for Diplomacy in Northeast Asia
James Goodby

The Emerging Architecture for Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia
James E. Goodby

The Six Party Talks: Opportunity or Obstacle?
James Goodby

A New Approach to Security in Northeast Asia: Breaking the Gridlock
Morton Halperin

Implementing a Korea–Japan Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Precedents, Legal Forms, Governance, Scope, Domain, Verification, Compliance and Regional Benefits
Michael Hamel-Green

Seventh Jeju Forum – Questions and Talking Points – Session No. 25
Peter Hayes (Moderator)

US vs China vs UN Positions on NWFZs
Peter Hayes

Summary Report – East Asia Nuclear Security Workshop
Binoy Kampark, Peter Hayes and Richard Tanter

U.S.-North Korean Relations: An Analytic Compendium of U.S. Policies, Laws and Regulations
Kenneth Katzman

Northeast Asian Regionalism in Korea
Kim Sung-han

Nuclear weapon reductions must be part of strategic analysis
Henry A. Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft

Perspectives on Peace and Security in  Korea and Northeast Asia: U.S. – R.O.K. Areas of Consensus
Joseph Snyder

A Model Treaty on the Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
Hiromichi Umebayashi

A Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone With a Three Plus Three Arrangement
Hiromichi Umebayashi