Papers & Presentations

Opening Remarks
Peter Hayes

Dealing with North Korea – A possible alternative approach
Stephen Bosworth

A Northeast Asian TAC?
Don Emmerson

Brief remarks
Amb. J. Enkhsaikhan

Canada and the Halperin Plan: Temper Expectations
Paul Evans

NEA-NWFZ: Issues for China and U.S.
Jishe Fan

Regional Framework for a Comprehensive Security Settlement: Does It Work?
James Goodby

A Northeast Asian Regional Security Framework: Does it Work?
Michael J. Green

Promoting Security in Northeast Asia: A New Approach
Morton H. Halperin

Key Elements of Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapons Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ)
Peter Hayes and Richard Tanter

Impact of a NE Asian NWFZ on Taiwan Strait and Korea Deterrence
Eric Heginbotham

Critical Monitoring and Verification Issues In Northeast Asia
Olli Heinonen

Critical Military Issues: The Rebalancing Strategy and Naval Operations
Michael McDevitt

Russia’s Core Issues
Victor Mizin

Inter-Korean Normalization and the ROK Government’s position on NWFZ
Haksoon Paik

US-China Core Issues
Stapleton Roy

Impact on Nuclear Extended Deterrence
Michael Schiffer

Deterrence using all Elements of Power
Walter “Skip” Sharp

Replacing the Armistice with a Peace Treaty in Korea
Leon V. Sigal

U.S-Japan Core Issues
Sheila A. Smith

DPRK Nuclear Energy in the context of a proposed peace settlement
Sharon Squassoni

Regional Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Energy Security Cooperation in Support of a Regional NWFZ
David von Hippel

US-DPRK Normalization and Resolving Tensions on the Korean Peninsula
Joel S. Wit

U.S. “Rebalancing” as an Opportunity for a NWFZ in Northeast Asia
Noboru Yamaguchi

Core Issues US Interests
Philip Yun