May 12th – 14th, 2004
Beijing, China

Papers:Kovykta As The ‘Anchor’ Project For East Siberian Gas Development (Paper)
Kovykta As The ‘Anchor’ Project For East Siberian Gas Development (Presentation)
Neil BEVERIDGE, Deputy General Director, OJSC RUSIA Petroleum

Energy Updates Of 2003-2004 In China
Aling ZHANG, Yanjia WANG, Alun GU, Chinese Delegation

Low Carbon Development And Emission Scenario In Shanghai, China-Using LEAP As An Integrated Energy And Environment Model
CHEN Changhong, WANG Bingyan, ZHAO Jing, DAI Yi , Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences

Piintec Brochure (5.7 Mb)
DPRK Delegation

Ketes Brochure
DPRK Delegation

Options For Rehabilitation Of Energy System & Energy Security & Energy Planning In The DPR Of Korea
DPRK Delegation

Evaluation Of Energy Paths For The DPRK
David VON HIPPEL, The Nautilus Institute

Japan Updates And Draft EAEF Scenarios
Kae TAKASE (Governance Design Lab.), Tatsujiro SUZUKI (CRIEPI), Japanese Delegation

Joint Stockpiling And Emergency Sharing Of Oil: Lessons And Prospects For Northeast Asia
Eui-Soon SHIN, ROK Delegation

Updates On The RFE Energy Sector And The RFE Leap Model, And Implications Of A Regional Alternative Path For The Russian Far East
Victor KALASHNIKOV, Alexander OGNEV, Ruslan GULIDOV, Russian Delegation