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"BEYOND GOOD DEEDS:", Projects CAP, July 31, 2002,

California Global Corporate Accountability Project

Case Studies and a New Policy Agenda for Corporate Accountability

July 2002

Nautilus Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Beyond Good Deeds, the recently issued report on corporate accountability. The goal of the report is to foster a more robust public debate on legal, political and institutional reforms needed to improve the responsibility and accountability of U.S. industry. Beyond Good Deeds examines the environmental and human rights challenges that confront multinational corporations in their global operations. It presents case studies from around the world, including Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Costa Rica and the U.S., in two sectors-oil and high tech-which are of special importance both to the global and California economy. The report provides innovative policy recommendations for decision-makers seeking to improve corporate accountability.

California Global Corporate Accountability Project

Workshop Report, March 5, 2002


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