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Welcome: About virtual expeditions

Virtual Expeditions (VX) serves as a gateway to the world. Offering a rich collection of online resources, VX lets you quickly navigate the web to explore such themes as ecology and environment, trade and economics, and culture and history. VX provides a framework for creatively using the Internet for discovery and learning.

The Virtual Expeditions website is divided into four primary sections:

  • Welcome: teacher guidelines on how to use VX and instructions for learning activities.
  • Expeditions: student guidelines and resources necessary to complete learning activities.
  • Library: a dynamic archive of links, articles, interviews, and maps and charts relevant to the expeditions.
  • Directory: a tool for connecting with other schools and countries participating in the program.

Our first virtual expedition journeys to Tokyo Bay and San Francisco Bay. While an ocean apart, these two communities and cultures share much in common. We invite you to browse the VX site and familiarize yourself with its navigation and resources. Get ready to set sail for distant ports of call!



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