VX Charter

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Recommended Citation

"VX Charter", pegasus, January 01, 1994, https://nautilus.org/pegasus/vx-charter/

About Virtual Expeditions


Virtual Expeditions is motivated by a desire to open up the walls of the classroom to the global community. VX supports online teaching and learning by:

  • Selecting, organizing and annotating a set of the most relevant online resources.
  • Transforming the process of surfing the web into engaging learning activities.
  • Offering an online library complete with links, selected articles, interviews, maps, and charts.
  • Providing access to a network of guides and mentors who add their voices and knowledge to the expeditions.
  • Offering a school-to-school directory that allows you and your students to connect with peers around the world.

We consider Virtual Expeditions a “work in progress” and an experiment in online learning. Among our goals for the program:

  • To make available innovative curriculum resources that meet national standards and encourage best practices in teaching and learning.
  • To develop and test student-centered, project-based learning activities that utilize the World Wide Web.
  • To give students meaningful opportunities to interact with guides, mentors and resource organizations.
  • To provide a channel for students and teachers from different schools to communicate and collaborate with one another.
  • To foster an understanding of how to use the Internet for research, communication and action.

We invite your feedback and ideas as the program develops

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