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About Virtual Expeditions Contributors
Virtual Expeditions 1.0 (Tokyo Bay and San Francisco Bay) is a joint project of WorldLink Foundation and Nautilus Institute. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following people and organizations.

Participating Organizations

Bay Area School Reform Collaborative: committed to supporting whole-school change in the Bay Area.

Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM): a nonprofit social science research institute in Tokyo specializing in the study of the relationship between new information technologies and various sectors of society.

Center for Global Partnership: a nonprofit grantmaking foundation dedicated to enhancing US-Japan and global interaction through collaborative projects.

Citicorp Foundation: the grantmaking foundation of the Citibank Corporation, focusing on community development and education.

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development: a nonprofit policy-oriented research and consulting organization, promoting international partnership for security and ecologically sustainable development with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Sega Foundation: committed to supporting youth education and dedicated to the well-being of American youth.

Smart Valley, Inc.: a nonprofit organization focusing on the application of technology in ways that help transform the way we work, live and learn.

US-Japan Foundation: a private and independent grantmaking organization dedicated to enhancing greater mutual knowledge between Japan and the United States.

WorldLink Foundation: dedicated to making available innovative global education programs that foster excellence in teaching and learning.

Design Team Staff and Consultants

Design and Administration

Kirk Bergstrom, Senior Designer

Adriana Dakin, Website Editor

Yuka Shindo, Website Research & Editing

Ken Wilkening, Program Coordinator, Nautilus Institute

Jesse Smith, Webmaster

Spirococus Design, Graphic Design

Ernest Somers, Graphic Design Assistant

Curriculum Development

Kirk Bergstrom, Executive Director, WorldLink Foundation

Josh Freedman, Curriculum Designer and Technology Consultant

Lori Lamberson, Teacher-in-Residence, Exploratorium

Erin Leydig, Science Teacher, The Odyssey School

Lee Schult, Social Studies Teacher, The Odyssey School

Steve Smuin, Founder and Director, The Odyssey School

Guides and Mentors

Tetsuro Doshita, Commander at the Security Affairs Office, Office of the Prime Minister

Shintaro Goto, Associate Professor, Kanazaway Institute of Technology

Gladys Hansen, Historian and Curator, San Francisco History Museum

Jim Hardwick, Environmental Specialist, State of California, Department of Fish and Game

Peter Hayes, Co-Executive Director, Nautilus Institute

Rick Lester, Geologist at US Geological Survey

Hideaki Nakata, Associate Professor, Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo

Paul Oliva, Executive Director, BayTrade

Terri Paluszkiewicz, Senior Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Marine Science Laboratory

Tomohiro Shishimo, Assistant Director, Environmental Agency of Japan, Office of Marine Environment and Waste Management

Nancy Wagner, Captain and Bar Pilot, San Francisco Bar Pilots

Ken Wilkening, Energy/Environment Program Officer, Nautilus Institute

Lyuba Zarsky, Co-Executive Director, Nautilus Institute

Special Thanks To

Debbie Abilock, Librarian, Nueva Center for Learning

Karen Bauer, Volunteer

Josh Collins, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Henry Dakin, H.S. Dakin Co.

Patrick Dwyer, City of Yokohama Office, New York

Dana Michaels, OSPR (Department of Fish and Game, Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response)

Jahan Myrne, American Presidential Lines

Allison Sherman and Christine Freeman, AFS Intercultural Programs

Yuka Shindo, GLOCOM

Pilot Schools

International Studies Academy, San Francisco Unified School District

Oakland Tech High School, Oakland Unified School District

Odyssey Middle School, San Mateo

Westborough Middle School, South San Francisco Unified School District

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