Nautilus – United States

Nautilus – United States

The US office of the Nautilus Institute is located in Berkeley, California.


Joan Diamond: Chief Organizational Officer

Frederica Kreitzer: Office and Grants Manager



  • The DPRK Energy Experts Working Group (EEWG): The DPRK EEWG convenes experts on the DPRK energy sector to develop a realistic assessment of the DPRK energy sector and energy aid and engagement options to support efforts to denuclearize the DPRK.
  • The DPRK Building Energy Efficiency Training Project: The Building Energy Efficiency Project trained technical personnel in the DPRK on energy efficiency measures and funded a partial energy efficiency upgrade of a building in the DPRK.
  • The East Asia Science and Security (EASS) Network: The EASS network is a group of scholars, policy-makers, and security experts from across the Asia-Pacific region who discuss security issues such as climate change, nuclear spent fuel, export controls, tracking nuclear proliferation, and other issues.
  • The Asian Energy Security Project: a network of senior energy experts in eight countries that promote schemes for regional cooperation, the climate impacts of different strategies to address energy insecurity, and the regional impact of different nuclear reprocessing options.
  • The International Criminalization of Non-State WMD-Nuclear Proliferation Project: looks at ways to prevent the spread of nuclear technology or know-how and enhance compliance with UN Resolution 1540 on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


The Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet) is a nongovernmental information network launched by the Nautilus Institute in November 1993. NAPSNet publishes news and analyses of traditional political and security issues in North-East Asia and aims to bring together non-proliferation specialists, regional security experts, non-governmental organizations, and a variety of other interested parties to provide a forum to exchange analyses, explore ideas and promote dialogue on issues of peace, security and nuclear non-proliferation in Northeast Asia.

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