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  • Nautilus Peace and Security Network, Weekly Report: The NAPSNet Weekly covers the key areas of research and policy work of the Nautilus Institute, including Austral security, nuclear deterrence, energy security, climate change adaptation, the DPRK, governance and civil society and the links between these themes and the three regions in which our nodes are found—North America, Northeast Asia, and the Austral-Asia region.
  • Reframing Australia-Indonesia security: This project aims to create a new approach to the security aspects of relations between Australia and Indonesia.  This approach is based on new communities of shared interests to face the challenges of emerging global problems faced by both societies.
  • Australia-Japan Civil Society Cooperation for Nuclear Disarmament: This project, funded by the Australia-Japan Foundation and RMIT, seeks to supplement efforts to stengthen the government to government security relationship between Australia and Japan with parallel work at the civil society level, which at least in the area of strategic relations, has been less developed than in other sectors to date.
  • Strong Connections: Australia-Korean Strategic Futures In June 2010, Nautilus Institute ran a research workshop and a public forum in Seoul on Australia-Korea strategic futures and strengthened civil society policy relations.