Nautilus ARI – Korea

Nautilus ARI – Korea


The Korean language site for Nautilus ARI is online here.


Northeast Asia Peace & Security Network (NAPSNet)

The NAPSNet Daily Report is produced collaboratively by the Nautilus nodes in Seoul, South Korea, and San Francisco, California, and includes contributions from collaborative partners in Canada and the People’s Republic of China. The NAPSNet Daily Report, produced since 1993, provides summaries of current news, analysis and announcements on peace and security issues in the Northeast Asia region. The Daily Report and other NAPSNet materials are distributed free by email to subscribed recipients.

ISA Workshop

The ISA field trip workshops have been held since 2003, bringing together civic activists from Korea and Japan to discuss the development of cross-border civil society and foster regional cooperation. Since 2008, the ISA workshops have focused on increasing awareness of collective East Asian issues and exploring various strategies to create the best possible future for the region as a whole.

  • Issue Defining Seminar: Share and define collective Asian problems
  • Scenario Workshop: Contemplate possible future scenarios together
  • Alternative strategy workshop: Seek new alternatives according to the views of civic society

East Asia Civil Society Initiative (CSI)

This East Asia Civil Society Initiative explores the role of networks led by civil society to help solve global problems in the region.  Over the next three years, the project will bring together researchers from South Korea, Japan, and China to map the causal complexity of the relationship between global problems and adaptation to climate change. The first year will look at the effect of climate change on energy security, nuclear proliferation, and urban insecurity. Future years will expand the scope to examine disease pandemics, global wetlands, poverty reduction, and the new generation of leadership in East Asia.

Civil Society Monitoring and Verification Network (CSMV)

The Civil Society Monitoring and Verification Network draws on transnational civil society networks to hold up a “mirror” to influential South Korean and Japanese policy and decision-makers at many levels of society, reflecting the totality of what they are saying and doing in regards to nuclear weapons and how this is viewed externally. Through CSMV, the accountability of decision makers in Japan and Korea to constituencies affected by pro- and anti-nuclear weapons decisions, both inside and outside their home countries, is increased.

Global Nuclear Futures Briefing Book

The Global Nuclear Futures Briefing Book aims to inform the debate over the future of nuclear power and proliferation by including expert analysis from a variety of perspectives, pro- and anti-nuclear, government and non-government. It covers a variety of technical and policy issues, as well as country-specific topics. The Briefing Book covers these issues from the perspectives of country studies, policy issues, and technical aspects, incorporating a diversity of views.