NE Asia Regional Action Agenda

NE Asia Regional Action Agenda

Members of the region worked together throughout 2004 – 05 to produce its guiding document, The GPPAC Northeast Asia Regional Action Agenda: Towards Creation of a Regional Mechanism for Peace.

The Northeast Asia Regional Action Agenda was adopted by over 50 conflict prevention actors including NGO activists and specialists at the Northeast Asian Conference on the Role of Civil Society in the Prevention of Violent Conflict in Tokyo, Japan on 1 – 4 February 2005. Annex 1 of the Regional Action Agenda is the Korean Activity Report, the results of several months of case study collection and documentation by Seoul NGOs.

The Agenda includes a series of recommendations for action in the following areas:

– Building a regional system for peaceful coexistence through disarmament and demilitarization
– Promoting humanitarian assistance and development assistance
– Building a society that recognizes justice, human rights and diversity
– Realizing a sustainable economy and economic justice

Adoption of the Action Agenda is testament to the common spirit of Northeast Asian civil society to work together for peace and security. Moreover, the conference provided stimulus for everyone involved to deepen their commitment to building a culture of prevention and work together in the future at a regional level.

Since publicly disseminating the Regional Action Agenda and submitting it to the United Nations in July 2005, members of GPPAC NEA have been making efforts at ensuring its implementation through various collaborative activities throughout the region.