Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 7 May 2015

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Deterrence imageDETERRENCE: Joint press release of the seventh trilateral foreign ministers’ Meeting among the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China (31 March 2015)

At the 7th Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on March 21, 2015, China, ROK and Japan decided to resume or strengthen trilateral ministerial and senior official cooperation in more than 20 issue areas including nuclear safety. nuclear security, and counter-terrorism consultation.

Governance imageGOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: 150,000 rally on May Day to oppose government’s labor reforms, Choi Woo-ri, Hankyoreh (2 May 2015)

Roughly 150,000 demonstrators protested against proposed labor reforms and government inaction regarding the Sewol ferry accident on this year’s May Day in Seoul, while in Japan protestors took to the streets in Yokohama against proposed revisions to the constitution. Clothing factory workers owed months’ back pay refused to work and marched in Guangdong, the 838th strike in China since January.

climate adapt imageCLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: The heat is on: climate change, extreme heat and bushfires in WA, Will Steffen, Lesley Hughes and Alix Pearce, Climate Council of Australia Limited (2015) [12.24 MB, PDF]

Western Australia is experiencing a long-term increase in average temperatures and in 2014 the state recorded its highest ever annual average maximum temperature. Moreover, the number of heat-wave days in Perth has increased by 50% since 1950. Nine of Western Australia’s hottest Januarys on record have occurred in the last 10 years. The number of days per year with severe fire danger weather is projected to almost double in south west Western Australia by 2090 if global carbon emissions are not drastically reduced.

aUSTRAL IMAGEAUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: ANZUS pact teetered over Nixon contempt for Whitlam, Australian (1 May 2015)

Alliance issues dominate Australian defence policy, then as now. James Curran’s “Unholy Fury” documents Nixon’s and Kissinger’s contempt for Whitlam (“peacenik”/”bastard”) and his mild criticisms of the bombing of North Vietnam. PM Abbott has ignored Defence advice for retaining an autonomous national submarine-building capacity in favour of a Japanese build, strengthening an emerging “quasi-alliance”. And then again, Australia goes it alone with intel cooperation with Iran against IS.

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