Implications of Theatre Missile Defense

Current Regional Overview
Monterey Institute for International Studies Center for Non-Proliferation Studies


Theatre Missile Defenses in the Asia-Pacific Region
A Henry L. Stimson Center Working Group Report
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Theatre Missile Defense Chronology 2000
Monterey Institute Center for Non-Proliferation Studies


Most Sophisticated Missile Defense Options
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization-U.S. Department of Defense


China’s Opposition to U.S. Missile Defense Programs
Monterey Institute Center for Non-Proliferation Studies


China and Russia Unified Opposition to U.S. Missile Shield
from Reuters, July 18, 2000 via Taiwan Security Research


A U.S. Hardline Look at Theatre Missile Defense
Theatre Missile Defense: How Will It Recast Security and Diplomacy in East Asia?
from The Heritage Foundation Lecture Series; August 17, 2000


A Look at the Policy of Engagement
Council On Foreign Relations Policy Brief by Elizabeth Economy


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