China’s Energy Future


China’s Energy Outlook August, 2000
By: Jonathan Sinton, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories


Cooperation in the Energy Futures of China and the United States
Executive Summary, 2000
National Research Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Engineering Academy


The Oil Question

China’s Thirst For Oil from the Financial Times; September 26, 2000
China May Create An Oil Exchange from the Financial Times; September 26, 2000


The Coming of Natural Gas

Natural Gas Gains Momentum from the China Business Review, July / August 1998
In Shanghai, coal is out, natural gas is in from China Online; August 24, 2000


Three Gorges Dam

Critical Overview by the International Rivers Network; December, 1999


Ecological Considerations

Is China Taking Actions To Limit its Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
By: ZhongXiang Zhang, University of Groningen; September, 1998
A Harbinger of the Problems Confronting China’s Economy and Environment:
the great Chinese shrimp disaster of 1993
from the Journal of Contemporary China, July, 2000
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