AdaptNet for 9 August 2011

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AdaptNet for 9 August 2011

The Garnaut Review 2011 – Australia                

This book provides an update to Ross Garnaut’s 2008 Climate Change Review. It examines key developments in the past two and a half years across a range of areas, including: the climate science; global greenhouse gas emissions; international progress on climate change mitigation and adaptation; Australia’s land and electricity sectors; innovation and technology; and carbon pricing.

The Garnaut Review 2011: Australia in the Global Response to Climate Change, Ross Garnaut, Cambridge University Press, 2011 [1.41 MB, PDF]

Improving Access to Climate Financing for the Pacific Islands   

Despite commitments of ‘fast start’ climate funding from donors, Pacific Island governments still face significant obstacles in accessing resources to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities for Pacific Island governments to access climate adaptation funding and to respond to the adverse effects of climate change. It outlines innovative approaches that could strengthen Pacific access to climate finance and improve outcomes for vulnerable communities in the region.

Improving Access to Climate Financing for the Pacific Islands – Analysis, Nic Maclellan, Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney, Australia, July 2011 [744 KB, PDF]

Market Mechanisms in the Context of Climate Adaptation          

The paper reviews policy instruments that can be used in the climate adaptation context and analyses experiences made with major market mechanisms that have been implemented in the field of mitigation. Based on this, it derives requirements for the implementation of potential market mechanisms for adaptation. The paper discusses a pathway to establishing market mechanisms for climate adaptation. 

Policy Instruments for Climate Change Adaptation – Lessons from Mitigation and Preconditions for Introduction of Market Mechanisms for Adaptation, Sonja Butzengeiger-Geyer et al., Paper Presented at the 2011 Colorado Conference on Earth System Governance, Fort Collins, Colorado, 17-20 May, 2011 [410 KB, PDF]

Climate Change, Rising Heat and Population Health     

Climate change scenarios predict increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme heat events in the future, and population health may be significantly compromised for people who cannot reduce their heat exposure. In this context, the authors characterize the health risks associated with heat exposure on working people and discuss future exposure risks as temperatures rise. It summarizes progress toward developing occupational health and safety guidelines for heat in Australia.

Climate Change and Rising Heat: Population Health Implications for Working People in Australia, Elizabeth G Hanna et al., Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, vol. 23, no. 2, March 2011 [subscription required]

National Adaptation Research Plan: Indigenous Communities

This draft National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan (NARP) identifies important gaps in the knowledge of adaptation to climate change of relevance to Indigenous Australian communities. It provides an outline to steer climate change adaptation research funding decisions and presents directions for Australia’s research community. NCCARF invites comments on the draft NARP that should be forwarded by 26 August 2011. 

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan: Indigenous Communities, Consultation Draft, Marcia Langton et al., National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF), 14 July 2011 [277 KB, PDF]

Prince Award for a Doctoral Dissertation on Disaster

This award (named for Samuel Prince who wrote the first doctoral dissertation on a disaster topic) is given in recognition for initial and notable accomplishments by disaster researchers in the social and behavioral sciences. The doctoral dissertations, completed between 2007 and 2011, within the relevant disaster frameworks could be considered for the Award. Nominations may be forwarded by September 1, 2011.      

2011 Prince Award for a Doctoral Dissertation on a Disaster Topic, Samuel Henry Prince Dissertation Award, the International Research Committee on Disasters (IRCD), September 1, 2011

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