Nautilus Peace and Security – 27 November

DETERRENCE: Air Force missile sites to get Wi-Fi DPRK: N. Korean envoy sent to Russia to ease diplomatic isolation GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Watchdog estimates N.K. development costs at $500b CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Creating New Norms on Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Displacement: International Developments 2010 – 2013 AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Abbott clueless on how to handle US and China […]

Russia-South Korea-North Korea Trilateral Cooperation in 2013-2014

Younkyoo Kim Center for Energy Governance & Security This paper was originally published in Hanyang University’s  Energy, Governance and Security (EGS)  Center, available in Global Energy Monitor Vol. 2, No.7 as Whatever Pyongyang’s reasons are for shelving Moscow’s initiatives, the failure to date of these proposals to gain traction clearly has serious implications for Russia’s Korea and overall […]

Australia in America’s Iraq War 3.0

Richard Tanter Nautilus Institute 14 November 2014 Little more than a month after the start of bombing operations, Australia’s new war in Iraq is following the path of its predecessor, a path marked by subordination to American interests, a casual disregard for Iraqi sovereignty and law, severe restriction of information provided to the Australian public, […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 20 November

DETERRENCE: It’s Time to Talk About Nukes Again DPRK: N.K. Special Envoy meets with Putin GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: China uses APEC Summit as Platform to boost Leadership Role in Region ENERGY SECURITY: Cleaner, more efficient Cookstoves should be on front burner of Women’s needs in Developing Countries CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Climate Change in the Places We Live: What the […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 13 November

DETERRENCE: Interview with Masakatsu Ota DPRK: North Korea frees two Americans as Obama heads to Beijing GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: US Refusing to Cover De-Contamination Costs for Five Military Bases Slated for Return ENERGY SECURITY: Cheap Oil Pops the Green Policy Bubble CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Stakeholder-Driven Research for Climate Adaptation in New York City AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Iraq War 3.0? What […]

Win-Win: China’s ability to play an active and constructive role in the Northeast Asia Energy and Environmental Sector

Roger Cavazos, David Von Hippel, and Peter Hayes Nautilus Institute 4 November 2014 This paper was originally published with support from the Hanyang University’s Energy, Governance and Security (EGS)  Center, available in Global Energy Monitor Vol. 1, No.10. Roger Cavazos is a Nautilus Institute Associate and retired US military officer with assignments in the intelligence and policy communities. David […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 6 November

DETERRENCE: A Plutonium-Rich Asia DPRK: STTB: Russian Invasion Edition GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Korea, New Issues Threaten Regional Security: Seoul FM ENERGY SECURITY: The Problem with Energy Efficiency CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Retreat from Retreat – The Backward Evolution of Sea-Level Rise Policy in Australia, and the Implications for Local Government CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: A Disagreement over Climate-Conflict Link Heats Up DETERRENCE: A […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 30 October

DETERRENCE: Can ASEAN Sell Its Nuclear Free Zone to the Nuclear Club? DPRK: A Conversation with Jang Il Hun (DPRK Ambassador) GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Japanese Village Grappling with Wartime Sins Comes Under Attack CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Better Growth Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: “Here We Go Again” DETERRENCE: Can ASEAN Sell Its Nuclear Free Zone […]

Nuclear Safety Concerns with China’s Growing Reactor Fleet

David Von Hippel and James H. Williams Nautilus Institute 28 October 2014 This paper was originally published with support from the Hanyang University’s Energy, Governance and Security (EGS)  Center, available in Global Energy Monitor Vol. 1, No.4. David Von Hippel is a Nautilus Institute Senior Associate working on energy and environmental issues in Asia, including on nuclear spent fuel […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 23 October

DETERRENCE: Worthy Warriors DPRK: North Korean Strategic Strategy: Combining Conventional Warfare with the Asymmetrical Effects of Cyber Warfare GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: The Hong Kong Protests are Creating a More Ethnically Unified City CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: The Sustainable Development Goals – Will They Deliver Climate Compatible Development for Vulnerable Countries? CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: Solar Dimming Reflects Complexity of Climate Change […]