Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 23 April 2015

DPRK: Why is US pleased with India’s outreach to North Korea? GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Professors launch online forum for seeking to understand Sewol tragedy CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Global risks report 2015 CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: China and other big emitters challenge Australia over its climate change policies DPRK: Why is US pleased with India’s outreach to North Korea? Shweta […]

The $40 billion submarine pathway to Australian strategic confusion

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by Richard Tanter 20 April 2015 I. Introduction Richard Tanter writes “Almost everything about the Abbott government’s project to spend up to $40 billion on twelve new submarines is breathtakingly wrongheaded, hazardous strategically and profligate financially. “The Abbott government’s determination to tighten Australia’s military bonds with a truculent nationalist government in Japan, including through a […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network: 16 April 2015

DETERRENCE: The war that must never be fought DPRK: The third session of 13th SPA: Business as usual GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Seoul getting its first-ever vertical farm CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: The Safe Cities Index 2015: Assessing urban security in the digital age AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Body count: casualty Figures after 10 years of the “War on Terror” DETERRENCE: […]

What Could an “Asian Super-grid” Mean for Northeast Asia?

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by David von Hippel 13 April 2015 I. INTRODUCTION Proposals for Asian “Supergrids”—potential regional interconnections of electrical grids and related infrastructure to allow the trading of power, in particular (but not exclusively) electricity generated from renewable resources, across Northeast Asia and beyond—have been considered for many years. Such interconnections could help nations to address their […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 9 April 2015

DETERRENCE: U.S. unease about nuclear-weapons fuel takes aim at a South African vault DPRK: The future of North Korean nuclear delivery system GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: North Korean defectors in South Korea leave detention center misinformed, says report CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Urban climate change resilience in action: lessons from projects in 10 ACCCRN cities DETERRENCE: U.S. unease about nuclear-weapons […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 2 April 2015

DETERRENCE: How US Special Forces uses Google Maps DPRK: China rejects North Korea request to join Asian Infrastructure Bank GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: The new Asian bank and a new world order CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: A conflict-sensitive approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation in the urbanizing Asia- Pacific CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: My country or my planet? Exploring the influence of multiple place […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 26 March 2015

DETERRENCE: Ballistic missile defense and strategic stability in East Asia DPRK: What do the recent Japan, China, South Korea talks mean? GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: China’s “Silent Spring” moment? CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Planning for cooler cities: a framework to prioritise green infrastructure to mitigate high temperatures in urban landscapes AUSTRAL AND SECURITY: A foreign policy realist and dissenter DETERRENCE: Ballistic missile […]

Nuclear terrorism risks in Northeast Asia: Japan’s reactor restart and spent fuel


NAPSNet Special Report by Peter Hayes 23 March 2015 I. SUMMARY In this report Peter Hayes examines the risk of nuclear terrorism in Northeast Asia with particular reference to Japan. He states that Japan is no more immune to nuclear terrorism than it was to a catastrophic reactor accident. In this context, the combination of […]