Should South Korea Go Nuclear?

by Peter Hayes and Chung-in Moon 28 July 2014 I. SUMMARY Relative to the status quo of relying on US nuclear extended deterrence, the ROK developing and deploying its own nuclear weapons, or, arranging for redeployment of US nuclear weapons into Korea, are fantastic ideas. The latter options would reduce the credibility of US retaliation in response to a […]

한국, 핵무장 해야 하는가?

피터 헤이즈 문정인 2014 월 28 요약 미국의 핵 확장 억지력에 의존하는 현 상태를 유지하기 보다는 한국이 자체적인 핵 개발에 나섬으로써 핵 무기를 보유한다거나 미국의 핵 무기를 한국에 재배치하자는 생각은 타당치 않다. 이는 북한의 선제 핵 공격에 대한 미국의 보복 대응의 신뢰도를 떨어뜨리고, 미국이 한국에 제공하고 있는 재래식 전력에 의한 억지력의 견고함을 해치는 결과를 가져올 […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 24 July

Update on ROK Energy Sector and Energy Policies

by Woo Jin Chung Korea Energy Economics Institute, Republic of Korea 22 July 2014 I. ABSTRACT This paper presents the status of energy supply and demand in the Republic of Korea (ROK), as well as a description of current and recent policies related to the future of the Korean energy sector. The paper outlines the past […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 17 July

DETERRENCE: Russian Drills Aim at Potential Nuclear Disaster Response – Ministry DPRK: S. Korea to Provide 3 Billion Won in Aid to N. Korea ENERGY SECURITY: The Big Green Test – Conservatives and Climate Change GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation: Interim 2014 Report CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: A Geospatial Dataset for U.S. Hurricane Storm Surge and Sea-level Rise […]

Update on the Consideration of the Possibility of Deep Borehole Disposal in Japan

by Tomochika Tokunaga 11 July 2014 Originally published 29 March 2014, Department of Environment Systems University of Tokyo. I. Update on the Current Status of Japan’s High-level Waste Disposal Program This report provides an update on the consideration of the possibility of deep borehole disposal in Japan, revising the report submitted to Nautilus Institute by the author […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 10 July

Update: Potential for Deep Borehole Disposal of Nuclear Wastes in ROK

by Jungmin Kang Exploration of the Potential for Deep Borehole Disposal of Nuclear Wastes in South Korea: An Update[1] 1 July 2014 Visiting Professor, KAIST I. executive summary Since the Republic of Korea’s first nuclear power reactor was placed into operation in 1978, twenty three reactors have been placed into operation, with a total capacity of 20.7 gigawatts […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Weekly – 26 June

DETERRENCE: How the Army Should Pivot to Asia GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Japanese Report on the Kono Statement Draws Ire from Seoul CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Location Security and Environmental-Induced Displacement: A Case Study of the Riverine Islands in Bangladesh ENERGY SECURITY: Obama on Obama on Climate AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Australia-US Defence Deal: What it Means DETERRENCE: How the Army Should […]