North Korean Power and Kim Jong Un’s Smaller H-Bomb


NAPSNet Policy Forum By Peter Hayes and Roger Cavazos Jan 12, 2016 I. Introduction In this essay, Hayes and Cavazos articulate the strategic connections between Kim Jong Un’s annual New Year address, his birthday, and North Korea’s fourth nuclear test. This article was first published yesterday in Global Asia, here. Peter Hayes is Honorary Professor, Center […]

How Can We Solve the North Korean Long-Range Rocket Problem?


January 6, 2016 NAPSNet Policy Forum Written by Cheong, Wooksik and translated from Korean to English by Subin Yang. This piece was first published in Peace Network in December 2015. Cheong, Wooksik is the Director of Peace Network. Subin Yang recently received her B.A in International Studies with concentration in Asian Studies from Ewha Womans University, […]

US signals intelligence (SIGINT) activities in Japan 1945 – 2015: A Visual Guide


US signals intelligence (SIGINT) activities in Japan 1945 – 2015: A Visual Guide Desmond Ball and Richard Tanter 23 December 2015 Full report available here [6MB]. I. Introduction The US maintained signals intelligence (SIGINT) activities at about 100 sites in Japan during the Cold War, probably than in any other country. In Japan today, about 1,000 […]

Anticipating Complex Northeast Asian Futures

Complexity, Security and Civil Society in East Asia

by Peter Hayes, Joan Diamond and Kiho Yi 16 December 2015   I. Introduction “Another way that civil society has tried to embrace the uncertainty posed by rising complexity is to envision possible shared futures and to develop robust, joint strategies that anticipate the inevitable surprises that lie in store… Just as we must create […]

Australia’s opposition to a ban on nuclear weapons

Blue Peter 2 image

by Tim Wright, contributing author December 1, 2015 NAPSNet Blue Peter Tim Wright is Asia-Pacific director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) (   Australia has positioned itself as the de facto leader of a loose grouping of US-allied nations working to prevent the start of negotiations on a global treaty outlawing […]

Management of Operations at Pine Gap

management of ops cover

by Desmond Ball, Bill Robinson and Richard Tanter 24 November 2015 The full report is available here. NAPSNet Special Report I. Introduction The management of operations at the Pine Gap facility has become increasingly complex as the functions of the station have expanded, the number of agencies involved has grown, and the demands of a wider […]

Nuclear War and Daily Life


by Peter Hayes November 17, 2015   Most of the time, nuclear weapons and nuclear war are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. For one day, millions of Americans were reminded that they live in the edge of nuclear chaos. A Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile fired on November 7 from offshore Los Angeles set ordinary folks abuzz all the […]

Landmines: The Never-Ending War

landmines_graphic (2)

by Olly Terry & Yang Subin of Seoul based NGO Peace Network November 10, 2015 This essay was first published by Peace Network on October 22, 2015.   I. Introduction The recent landmine explosion on August 4th, that maimed two young South Korean soldiers, served as a stark reminder that the Korean War hasn’t formally ended. […]

끝나지 않은 전쟁: 한반도의 대인 지뢰 문제와 대책

landmines_graphic (2)

올리 테리, 양수빈 (평화네트워크) / 2015년 10월 Subin Yang recently received her B.A in International Studies with concentration in Asian Studies from Ewha Womans University, Seoul. She is currently an intern at Seoul based NGO Peace Network. Her interests are the interaction of women and militarism in East Asia. Olly Terry is a research associate at Peace […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 29 October 2015

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