Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 21 May 2015

DETERRENCE: Pentagon report: China deploys MIRV missile DPRK: South announces new aid for North GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: South Korea: Sentenced to life: Conscientious objectors in South Korea CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Human cost of natural disasters: a global perspective AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: B-1 bombers brouhaha: minor dispute, big rift DETERRENCE: Pentagon report: China deploys MIRV missile, Hans Kristensen, FAS Blog […]

Does Australia Energy Export Future Lie with the Asian Supergrid?

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By Samantha Mella 19 May 2015 I. Introduction Samantha Mella writes that, despite climate concerns, the current Australian government is fixated on supporting and expanding the Australian coal industry. Mella argues that ‘Australia may benefit from reconsidering what it means to be an energy superpower in 2015. In the era of an altered climate and carbon […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 14 May 2015

DETERRENCE: Seoul, U.S. split on North Korea nuclear threat DPRK: DPRK SLBM test GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: China’s counter-pivot response CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: Protecting Indonesia’s forests is a key issue for Paris climate talks DETERRENCE: Seoul, U.S. split on North Korea nuclear threat, Alastair Gale, Wall Street Journal (13 April 2015) ROK vice defense minister dismissed US Admiral […]

북한의 핵무기 개발과 능력

DPRK Obscure thru rainy window

이 춘 근 (과학기술정책연구원 연구위원) 11 May 2015 English version (영어 버전) here 요약 이춘근 한국 과학기술정책연구원 선임연구위원은 글에서 ‘북한은 수십 년의 노력을 거쳐 국내산 원료를 사용하는 원자력 주기를 완성하였다’고 하고 ‘북한의 핵무기는 … 각종 부품과 재료, 기술이 부족하’지만 ‘자력갱생으로 이러한 난관들을 상당히 극복했’다고 분석한다. 이 연구위원은 ‘북한의 핵 관련기술 개발과 수준에 대한 보다 […]

Assessing North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Capability

DPRK Obscure thru rainy window

by Lee Chun-keun 11 May 2015 For the Korean language version of this report click here. I. Introduction Lee Chun-keun writes that ‘North Korea, after decades of effort in its nuclear endeavor, has managed to develop its nuclear program using homegrown resources.’ He states that while North Korea’s ‘nuclear weapons program…lacks parts, resources and technology to […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 7 May 2015

DETERRENCE: Joint press release of the seventh trilateral foreign ministers’ Meeting among the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: 150,000 rally on May Day to oppose government’s labor reforms CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: The heat is on: climate change, extreme heat and bushfires in WA AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: ANZUS pact teetered over […]

동북아 핵안전 보장: 동북아 핵안전 장치에 대한 한국의 제안


박윤원 5 May 2015 English version (영어 버전) here 요약 박윤원 교수는 한국, 중국, 일본에게 주어진 핵에너지 사용의 불가피한 확장을 고려할 때, 핵에너지를 사용해야한다는 불가피한 운명을 공유하고 있으며 이런 까닭에 한중일 3국간의 협력의 필요성은 여전히 크게 남아있음을 언급하고 있다. 그러나 한중일 원자력안전 최고규제자회의(TRM)을 제외하면 한중일 3국의 협력을 위한 다른 어떤 조직도 현재로서는 아직 보이지 […]

Nautilus Peace and Security Network – 23 April 2015

DPRK: Why is US pleased with India’s outreach to North Korea? GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Professors launch online forum for seeking to understand Sewol tragedy CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Global risks report 2015 CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: China and other big emitters challenge Australia over its climate change policies DPRK: Why is US pleased with India’s outreach to North Korea? Shweta […]

The $40 billion submarine pathway to Australian strategic confusion

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by Richard Tanter 20 April 2015 I. Introduction Richard Tanter writes “Almost everything about the Abbott government’s project to spend up to $40 billion on twelve new submarines is breathtakingly wrongheaded, hazardous strategically and profligate financially. “The Abbott government’s determination to tighten Australia’s military bonds with a truculent nationalist government in Japan, including through a […]