OVERCOMING US-DRPK HOSTILITY: The Missing Link between a Northeast Asian Comprehensive Security Settlement and Ending the Korean War


Peter Hayes[1] Nautilus Institute Draft paper for the workshop Denuclearization of Northeast Asia and of the World ― Developing a Comprehensive Approach to a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ): Workshop III September 15, 2014 Tokyo I. Summary This paper attempts to define what overcoming US hostility might mean in the context of a comprehensive […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 18 December

DETERRENCE: Deterrence, Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Doctrine and Strategy: What Everyone Needs to Know DPRK: North Korea’s cyber warfare and challenges for the U.S.-ROK alliance GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Gay rights opponents block hearing in Seoul CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Climate Change and the City: Building Capacity for Urban Adaptation CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: Good COP, bad COP: Winners and losers […]

Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Doctrine and Strategy: What Everyone Needs to Know

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Alexandre Y. Mansourov, Ph.D. Senior Associate of Nautilus Institute North Korea has a small operational nuclear weapons program and a robust ballistic missile development program. The North conducted three small yield nuclear tests to prove its research and development results, improving the reliability of its designs and learning to further miniaturize its nuclear warheads for […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 11 December

DETERRENCE: Nuclear Weapons and Coercive Escalation in Regional Conflicts, Lessons from North Korea and Pakistan GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Strict new Japan secrets law to take effect amid protests CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: The Sustainable Development Goals – Will They Deliver Climate Compatible Development for Vulnerable Countries? AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Pentagon in denial about civilian casualties of U.S. airstrikes […]

India-Vietnam Axis: Energy & Geopolitical Imperatives


Kapil Patil Nautilus Institute This paper was originally published with support from the Hanyang University’s Energy, Governance and Security (EGS)  Center, available in Global Energy Monitor Vol. 2, No.9. India’s previous policy of avoiding alliances with great powers and/or playing an overt geopolitical balancing game seems to be no longer a foreign policy option in an increasingly multi-polar […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 4 December

DETERRENCE: Japan’s Radical Energy Technocrats: Structural Reform Through Smart Communities DPRK: Elite volatility and change in North Korean politics: 1997 – 2010 GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: China has broken Hong Kong agreement, say British MPs CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Better Growth Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report CLIMATE CHANGE AND SECURITY: The security implications of geoengineering: blame, imposed agreement and […]

Japan’s Radical Energy Technocrats: Structural Reform Through Smart Communities, the Feed-in Tariff and Japanese-Style “Stadtwerke”

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Japan’s Radical Energy Technocrats: Structural Reform Through Smart Communities, the Feed-in Tariff and Japanese-Style “Stadtwerke” ラジカルな日本の技術官僚 スマートコミュニティ、固定価格買い取り制度(FiT)、日本式 Stadtwerke (地元のエネルギー供給公社)を通じて構造改革   Andrew DeWit Originally published in The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 47, No. 2, December 1, 2014. Japan’s December 14 general election is essentially a rigged referendum on Abenomics. Despite the dismal economic news, team Abe […]

Nautilus Peace and Security – 27 November

DETERRENCE: Air Force missile sites to get Wi-Fi DPRK: N. Korean envoy sent to Russia to ease diplomatic isolation GOVERNANCE AND CIVIL SOCIETY: Watchdog estimates N.K. development costs at $500b CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION: Creating New Norms on Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Displacement: International Developments 2010 – 2013 AUSTRAL PEACE AND SECURITY: Abbott clueless on how to handle US and China […]

Russia-South Korea-North Korea Trilateral Cooperation in 2013-2014


Younkyoo Kim Center for Energy Governance & Security This paper was originally published in Hanyang University’s  Energy, Governance and Security (EGS)  Center, available in Global Energy Monitor Vol. 2, No.7 as http://www.egskorea.org/common/download.asp?downfile=GEM_2014-9.pdf&path=board. Whatever Pyongyang’s reasons are for shelving Moscow’s initiatives, the failure to date of these proposals to gain traction clearly has serious implications for Russia’s Korea and overall […]

Australia in America’s Iraq War 3.0


Richard Tanter Nautilus Institute 14 November 2014 Little more than a month after the start of bombing operations, Australia’s new war in Iraq is following the path of its predecessor, a path marked by subordination to American interests, a casual disregard for Iraqi sovereignty and law, severe restriction of information provided to the Australian public, […]