Information Technology and Tools

Virtual Diasporas

Diasporic Communication in the Contexts of International Conflict and Cooperation

Phineas Baxandall, Harvard University
Good Capital, Bad Capital: Dangers and Development in Digital Diasporas (abstract)

Karim H. Karim, Carleton University
Diasporic Communication in the Contexts of International Conflict and Cooperation.

Michel Laguerre, MIT/UC Berkeley
“Virtual Diasporas: A New Frontier of National Security”

Vinay Lal, UCLA
“Terrorism, Virtual Diasporas, and the Internet”

Hala Nassar, UC Berkeley
“Visual Diaspora: Palestinian Diaspora narrating the lost Home.”

Robert Smith, Barnard College
“Migration, Assimilation and Diaspora: Positive Sum Solutions are Possible.”
“Actual and Possible Uses of Cyberspace by and among States, Diasporas and Migrants”

Guobin Yang, University of Hawaii at Manoa
“Information Technology, Virtual Chinese Diaspora, And Transnational Public Sphere”

G. Pascal Zachary, UC Berkeley
“Globalization from Below: diasporic capitalism”


FOIA Global Disclosure

Nautilus Institute Reports on Nuclear Artillery Field Exercises

Nautilus Reports on Nuclear War-fighting Strategy in Korea

Nautilus Releases Study of American Nuclear Weapons Delivery Organizations in South Korea

New Global Disclosure Release Analyzes Intelligence Failures

Siberian Energy for Japan and the United States

The Reduction of Tension in Korea Vol. I & II

Implications Of Nuclear Proleferation

U.S. Ground Force Withdrawal From Korea

Murder at Panmunjom

Essentially annihilated


Information Axioms

The Nautilus Institute
Information Axioms

Philip Agre, UCLA
The Dynamics of Policy in a Networked World

Ronald Deibert, University of Toronto
Integrated Security: The Protection of Planetary Networks

Dorothy Denning, Georgetown University
Information Warfare, Hactivism, and the New Politics of Information

Peter Hayes, Wade Huntley, Timothy Savage, Gee Gee Wong, Nautilus Institute
The Impact of the Northeast Asian Peace and Security Network in US-DPRK Conflict Resolution (and appendices)

Anthony Judge, Union of International Associations
Coherent Policy-Making Beyond the Information Barrier

Ken Rutherford, Georgetown University
The Landmine Ban and NGOs: the Role of Communications Technologies

Saskia Sassen, University of Chicago
The Impact of the Internet on Sovereignty: Real and Unfounded Worries