Global Papers

Virtual Diasporas

Diasporic Communication in the Contexts of International Conflict and Cooperation

G. Pascal Zachary, UC Berkeley
“Globalization from Below: diasporic capitalism”


John H. Bickel, Evergreen Safety and Reliability Technologies, LLC
Grid Stability and Safety Issues Associated with Nuclear Power Plants ()

David Von Hippel, The Nautilus Institute
Costs & Benefits of Power Grid Connection ()

Hossein Razavi, World Bank
Economic, Security and Environmental Aspects of Energy Supply: A Conceptual Framework for Strategic Analysis of Fossil Fuels ()

Shaoxiong Xie
Review of Assumptions as to Changes in the Electricity Generation Sector in Nautilus Institute’s Clean Coal Scenarios Report ()

Lawrence M. Lidsky, MIT
Nuclear Power in a World with Options ()

Aling Zhang and Lin Shi, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Prospects for and Impacts of Diversifying Chinese Fuel Use away from Coal ()

Yasuhide Yamanouchi, Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM)
GLOCOM Framework Paper: Towards International Cooperation on the Northeast Asian Ocean Environment 

The Nautilus Institute
Proposal for a Global Environment Facility (GEF) Technology Risk Guarantee Mechanism()


Guoliang Gu, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
NMD, TMD, Arms Control

Bin Li, Institute of Science and Public Affairs, China Youth College for Political Science
Ballistics Missile Defense And The Missile Technology Control Regime*

Ryukichi IMAI, Institute for International Policy Studies
Ballistic Missile Defense, Nuclear Non-Proliferation And A Nuclear Free World

Mitsuru KUROSAWA, School of International Public Policy, Osaka University
Nmd And Arms Control Debates At The 2000 Npt Review Conference

Tetsuya Umemoto, Shizuoka Ken-ritsu University
NMD, TMD, and Nuclear Arms Control

Lawrence Scheinman, Distinguished Professor of Monterey Institute of International Studies and Emeritus Professor at Cornell University
Nonproliferation And Arms Control

Mitsuru Kurosawa, Osaka University, Japan
Practical Steps For Nuclear Disarmament

Bruce Larkin, Professor of Politics, University of California at Santa Cruz
Nuclear Abolition Scenarios 

Francesco Calogero, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Rome University I, and Chairman, Pugwash Council, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
The Future of Nuclear Weaponry and Our Civilization

Frank Ronald Cleminson, Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada
Multilateral On-going Monitoring and Verification (OMV) of Compliance: Nurturing Cost-Effectiveness

Thomas B. Cochran, Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc
Disposition of Fissile Material from Nuclear Weapons

Richard T. Cupitt, Associate Director, Center for International Trade and Security, University of Georgia
Nonproliferation Export Controls

William H. Dunlop, Program Leader, Proliferation Prevention and Arms Control, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nonproliferation through International Lab-to-Lab Technology Cooperation

Richard L. Garwin, Philip D. Reed Senior Fellow for Science and Technology, Council on Foreign Relations
Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Rebecca Johnson, The Acronym Institute
Engaging the Five Nuclear Powers in Disarmament Talks

Bin Li, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
An Immediate Step in Global Nuclear Arms Control

George Lindsey, Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies
Arms Control in Space

Gongliang Liu, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
Nuclear Materials and International Security

Lester G. Paldy, Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, State University of New York at Stony Brook
A Code of Ethics on Arms R&D for Scientists and Engineers

Mu Changlin and Pan Tao, China Institute for International Strategic Studies
International Nonproliferation Regimes after the Cold War

Jun Wu, Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
On No-First-Use Treaty

Jianzhong Zhuang, Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies
The Future of Nonproliferation

Hans M. Kristensen of the Nautilus Institute, Joshua Handler
Appendix 6A: Tables of nuclear forces

William M. Arkin, Hans M. Kristensen, The Nautilus Institute
Dangerous Directions

Hans M. Kristensen, The Nautilus Institute
Targets of Opportunity, How nuclear planners found new targets for old weapons

Hans M. Kristensen,The Nautilus Institute
Nuclear Futures: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and US Nuclear Strategy

Gert G. Harigel, Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) & International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES)
Military Sales and Nuclear Proliferation, Disarmament and Arms Control

Hans M. Kristensen,The Nautilus Institute; William M. Arkin, Joshua Handler
Aircraft Carriers: The Limits of Nuclear Power

Ming-Shih Lu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
The IAEA Strengthened International Safeguards Systems

Wade Huntley and Hans Kristensen, The Nautilus Institute
NATO Nuclear Policy: Back to the Future

Nuclear Nonproliferation: Status of Heavy Fuel Oil Delivered to North Korea Under the Agreed Framework

Nuclear Nonproliferation: Uncertainties With Implementing IAEA’s Strengthened Safeguards System

Globalization /Governance

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Getting Traction? Sustainable Development and the Governance of Investment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Havens, Halos and Spaghetti: Untangling the Evidence About the Relationship Between Foreign Investment and the Environment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Stuck In the Mud? Nation-States, Globalisation and the Environment

Bunn Nagara, ISIS
The Trade-Environment Nexus: Whence, Whither, Why and Wherefore

Linda Low, and Tay Boon NGA, National University of Singapore
Region-Building and the Environment: The Role of the PECC

Khalid Abdul Pahim, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
Unilateral Environmental Regulations and the Implications for International Commodity-Related Environmental Agreements

Ann Pincus
Trade and Economic Issues: G7 Jobs Summit, USTR Report, New $100 Bill, Cartagena Ministerial (Text File)