File Economics of Nuclear Power Plants
The Baltimore Sun (Paul Adams, “Economics of nuclear power are rethought,” 9/4/07) reported that some recent studies have concluded that the cost of nuclear power could become competitive with those of conventional power plants, such as coal. For this to happen, however, would probably require a combination of lower construction costs and carbon taxes.
File Fear of Renewed Uranium Mining
The Associated Press (James MacPherson, “North Dakotans Wary of Renewed Uranium Interest,” 9/1/07) reported that residents of North Dakota’s uranium mining areas are concerned that renewed interest in nuclear power could lead to a return to uranium mining. Although mining brought economic benefits, residents blame it for health problems in both humans and livestock.
File Nuke work killed thousands
The Rocky Mountain News (“U.S. Nuke Work Afflicted 36,500 Americans,” 8/31/07) reported that, based on government statistics, 36,500 Americans were sickened by radiation exposure related to the US nuclear weapons program, and 4,000 died. The article notes that many other might have been affected who do not show up in the statistics.
File Inside the Nuclear Underworld
CNN (Matthew Chance, “Inside the Nuclear Underworld: Deformity and fear”) reported on the thousands of people in Kazakhstan who suffered deformities due to nuclear tests by the Soviet Union.