Force Support Unit

Force Support Unit

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Force Support Unit, Force Elements Currently Deployed as part of JTF633, Australian Operations in Afghanistan Fact Sheet, Department of Defence  [accessed 14 August 2010]

The Force Support Unit (FSU) is a joint unit providing logistic support, camp maintenance and theatre induction training for Australian Defence Force elements in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO). The current Force Support Unit Three (FSU-3) is primarily made up of Army personnel from the 7th Combat Service Support Battalion based in Brisbane, with numerous Navy and Air Force members drawn from various units and bases across Australia. The tasks of the FSU include the management and distribution of supplies and equipment necessary for the conduct of operations, the provision of postal support throughout the MEAO and camp maintenance support in Tarin Kot and Kandahar. The FSU is also responsible for the provision of MEAO induction training for all personnel entering the Middle East. This training provides acclimatisation and final preparation for personnel before they move forward to their Task Groups. The training consists of operational briefings, equipment issues, weapons handling testing, live firing and engagements, and combat first aid training. Force Support Unit is located in three locations throughout the Middle East including Tarin Kot and Kandahar.

The Second Force Support Unit completes operations in Afghanistan and returns to Australia, Media Release MSPA 111/10, Department of Defence, 17 April 2010

FSU-2 comprised approximately 140 Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen from a multitude of bases around Australia. The majority of the force was an Army contingent from the 10th Force Support Battalion in Townsville.

Commander of FSU-2, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Dobson, said that as the unit was a joint unit, it was able to utilise the combined skills and experience of Navy, Army and Air Force personnel to deliver the right support at the right time.

The unit operated a large warehouse and distribution system that delivered over 270,000 kg of mail and 3,100,000 kg of stores, equipment, spare parts and explosive ordnance. It also ran a complex and intensive four day induction course for over 3,000 deploying personnel, provided health and psychological support, and facilities maintenance.

The Second Force Support Unit officially handed over control to the Third Force Support Unit (FSU-3) on 11 April 2010 with a transfer of authority parade and ceremony before returning to Australia.


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