Force Communications Unit

Force Communications Unit

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Force Communications Unit, Force Elements Currently Deployed as part of JTF633, Australian Operations in Afghanistan Fact Sheet, Department of Defence  [accessed 14 August 2010]

The Force Communications Unit (FCU) is a joint unit responsible for the provision of national command and welfare communications and information systems to Joint Task Force 633, supporting National Command and Control across the MEAO. The FCU has elements at every location the ADF is deployed in the Middle Eastern Area of Operations (MEAO).
Locations range from Headquarters JTF633 in the MEAO through to Forward Operating Bases in the vicinity of Tarin Kot, Afghanistan. Currently FCU-3 is based upon the 17th Signal Regiment based in Holsworthy with Air Force elements predominantly coming from the 1st Combat Communication Squadron based in Richmond.


Force Communications Unit-1, WO2 Mick Clarke, SSM Afghanistan Signals Squadron (104 Sig Sqn), 1st Command Support Regiment

The Force Communications Unit (FCU) was raised in 2008, in order to support ADF Operations.  The concept is to allow one major unit to contribute the HQ and majority of personnel thus allowing unit continuity and development of a sustainable rotation plan.  This model will allow ‘raise, train and sustain’ ideology to actually be put into practice for RASigs Units.  Thus, finally having a HQ providing advice to Commanders and administering Communicators with a technical and administrative chain of command. Previously RASigs personnel have been operating in small nodes controlled by the supported units. Currently FCU-1 is operating in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) and the Force Communications Element (FCE) operating in Timor Leste.   The core of the unit is based around 1st Combat Signal Regiment (1CSR).
A Change of Command Ceremony recently took place in the MEAO.  MAJ Dave Jenkins handed over command to MAJ Les Juckel for both Afghanistan Signal Squadron and 104 Signal Squadron. We welcome the return of MAJ Juckel, who has previously served in 104 Sig Sqn as a Troop Commander, as had his predecessor.   MAJ Juckel has been promoted from his position in RHQ as the Operations Officer to Officer Commanding 104 Sig Sqn and Afghanistan Sig Sqn.

History Overview? 104 Signal Squadron and 1st Combat Signal Regiment??, Denis Hare, 1st Command Support Regiment

The 43rd Birthday of 104 Signal Squadron in southern Afghanistan on Operation Slipper, Maj David Jenkins, OC Afghanistan Signal Squadron (104 Sig Sqn) Force Communication Unit-1, 1st Command Support Regiment

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