The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)

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"The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)", Nuclear Strategy, January 31, 2000,

The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) is one of the most important advisory groups to the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Strategic Command (CINCSTRAT).

In developing the nation’s strategic war plans, CINCSTRAT leans on the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) to provide background and advice on scientific, technical, and policy issues. Although studies performed by the SAG do not formally represent an official position by CINCSTRAT, the group’s work form an important basis for his decisions.

The SAG, which normally meets twice a year, consists of two dozen people from the Joint Staff, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, the nuclear weapons laboratories, the defense intelligence institutes, and other institutions with unique and specific expertice in strategic policy formulation, nuclear weapon design and effects, weapon system vulnerabilities, national command, control, and communications, or other important aspects of the nation’s strategic forces.

Within the SAG, which until September 1991 was called the Scientific Advisory Group, a number of subcommittees have been established to focus on particular aspects of the nuclear posture. This includes a Policy Subcommittee, a Weapons Subcommittee, a Future Technology Subcommittee, and an Intelligence Requirements Subcommittee. In addition to the subcommittees, individual study groups are established on a more ad-hoc basis when directed so by CINCSTRAT.

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Essentials of Post-Cold War Deterrence” (~1995)

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