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"Nuclear Posture Reviews", Nuclear Strategy, December 31, 2001,

The debate that followed the Bush administrations Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) in late-2001 and early-2002 has highlighted a need for information about how the review compares to the previous NPR conducted by the Clinton administration in 1994. What is new and what is a continuation of efforts from the 1990s?

A comparison was difficult during the debate because the 1994 NPR failed to produce a final report that could be used for comparison. Documents recently declassified and released under the Freedom of Information Act, however, now provide new information which — together with various other material — provide some basis for comparison.

The items in the right-hand bar provide links to groups of documents and individual papers. Additional studies on the evolution of US nuclear strategy in the 1990s are available under reports and articles.

FOIA documents

>> 1994 NPR general documents

>> 1994 NPR Working Group 5 documents: Relationships between nuclear posture and counterproliferation policy.

See also 2001 NPR documents

>> Leaked excerpts from 2001 NPR to Congress.

>> Pentagon NPR Briefing, January 9, 2002. [pdf format]

>> Background slides to NPR briefing. [pdf format]


reports and articles

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