Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons

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"Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons", Nuclear Strategy, December 31, 2001,

The U.S. has two types of non-strategic nuclear weapons: the B61 bomb and the Tomahawk sea-launched cruise missile. Approximately 800 B61s exist in three versions, while 320 W80 warheads are available for the Tomahawk. None of these warheads are covered by existing arms control agreements.

Non-strategic B61 bombs are assigned to US F-16C/D, F-15E, and F-117A aircraft, as well as F-16 and Tornado aircraft in seven European NATO countries. Nuclear Tomahawk’s are earmarked for use by a dozen or so nuclear-powered attack submarines.

During the Cold War, US non-strategic nuclear weapons were deployed with Air Force, Army, and Navy units around the world, but all but some 150 B61 bombs in Europe have now been withdrawn to the US or dismantled.

FOIA documents about non-strategic nuclear forces are available in the right-hand bar. For additional background material, see SIPRI Yearbook or NRDC Nuclear Notebook

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>> 4th Fighter Wing nuclear planning, 1998

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