NATO: Contributors

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Recommended Citation

"NATO: Contributors", Nuclear Policy, November 24, 1999,

Contributing Organizations

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Contributing Individuals

  • Martin Butcher (BASIC).
  • Nicola Butler (The Acronym Institute).
  • Robin Collins (National Capital Region Branch of the UN Association in Canada).
  • Jorgen Dragsdahl.
  • Xanthe Hall (IPPNW/Berlin).
  • Dr. Wade Huntley (The Nautilus Institute).
  • Karel Koster (PENN).
  • Hans M. Kristensen (The Nautilus Institute).
  • Alistair Millar (Fourth Freedom Forum).
  • Otfried Nassauer (BITS).
  • Thomas Neve (BASIC/London).
  • Sharon Riggle (CESD/Brussels).
  • Timothy Savage (The Nautilus Institute).
  • Terje Stokstad (No to Nuclear Weapons/Norway).


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