Morimoto Satoshi

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"Morimoto Satoshi", nuclear policy 2nd workshop, June 23, 2001,

MORIMOTO Satoshi is a Professor in the Faculty of International Development at Takusyoku University.

He has held several positions in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Director of the Consular and Migration Policy Division (1991-1992), Director of the Security Policy Division in the Bureau of Information Analysis, Research and Planning (1987-1989), and Deputy Director of the Second South East Asia Division in the Bureau of Asian Affairs (1979-1980).  He served as Counselor at the Japanese Embassy in Nigeria (1985-1989) and as First Secretary at the Japanese Embassy in the United States (1981-1985).

He was a Senior Fellow at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (1980-1981) and Senior Guest Researcher at the Brookings Institution (1981-1982).  Before he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he served the Japanese Self Defense Air Force (1965-1979).

Mr. Morimoto graduated from Air Force Command and Staff College (1975) and National Defense Academy (1965).  Mr. Morimoto is also a Special lecturer at Keio University, Guesting professor at Chuo University, and guesting researcher, Nomura Research Institute.

His recent publications include: “Security and Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula: A Japanese Perspective” (Peace Building on the Korean Peninsula: From Armistice Agreement to Peace Treaty, University of Victoria, 1999), “Chinese Military Power in Asia: A Japanese Perspective” (In China’s shadows, RAND, 1998), “Enhancing Confidence in Northeast Asia: Issues and Measures” (A Pacific Peace: Issues & Responses, ISIS Malaysia, 1998), “Military Preparations of Japan and their Impact on Northeast Asian Security” (Security Environment in the 21st Century and Korea’s Strategic Options, The Korean Association of International Studies, 1997), and “Promoting Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula Through Arms Control: Preventing Regional Conflicts: The Japanese Perspective” (Promoting Peace on the Korean Peninsula through Arms Control: Preventing Regional Conflicts, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa, 1997).

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