Jin Guangyao

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"Jin Guangyao", nuclear policy 2nd workshop, June 23, 2001, https://nautilus.org/projects/nuclear-policy-2nd-workshop/jin-guangyao/

Dr. Jin is Professor of History and Deputy Director of Center for Korean Studies, Fudan University. He is also council member of the History of Sino-Amercian Relations Association of China. He got his MA degree in History and Ph.D. degree in International Relations from Fudan University.

Dr. Jin visited academic institutions in the U.S., Britain, ROK and Italy. He was visiting scholar to University of Leeds, Britain from 1989-1990, visiting scholar to East Asian Institute, Columbia University at New York from 1997-1998, and The United Daily Cultural Foundation scholar to Taibei in 1999.

His publications include:

A History of Sino-American Relations:1784-1996
Collected Papers on Korean Studies, Vol.2-7 (co-editor)
Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia; KMT Lobby activities in the U.S.

Dr. Jin’s current research interests include: Northeast Asia international relations during the cold war, China’s foreign relations in 20th century.

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