Hideshi Takesada

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"Hideshi Takesada", nuclear policy 2nd workshop, June 23, 2001, https://nautilus.org/projects/nuclear-policy-2nd-workshop/hideshi-takesada/

Curriculum Vitae

Personal: Born in Kobe City, Japan on February 13, 1949

Education:     1968-72  Keio University  B.A. in Law (1972)
1972-77  Keio University  M.A. in Law (1974)
1977     Keio University  Ph.D. Course
1977 Korean Language Course, Information School, Japan’s Ground Self Defense Force, Tokyo
1978-79  Korean Language Institute, Yonsei University, Seoul:graduated
1991-92  Institute of Chinese Language, Tokyo: Primary course: finished

Employment  1972-75  Keio University:  Teaching Assistant
1975- 82 The National Institute for Defense Studies
1982 – 92  Chief, Second Research Department
1993-present: Chief, Third Research Office, Second Research Department.

Research :      Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii, USA: Visitor, Feb. 1978-Apr. 1978
The Korean Institute of International Studies, ROK: Visiting Scholar 1978-79
Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University, USA: Visiting Scholar 1983-84
Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies, George Washington University, USA:  Visiting Scholar 1985-86
Chung-an University, ROK: Visiting Professor (Japan Foundation Fellowship Program) 1992-93
Yongbyong University, Jilin, PRC: Visiting Professor 1999-2001

Major :        Korean Politics, International Relations in the Korean Peninsula

Author :       Deep Analysis on North Korea (KK Best Sellers, 1998)

Coauthor :    Analysis on Process of Japan’s Foreign Policy Decision Making (PHP Institute, 1999)
Northeast Asian Strategic Review (National Institute for Defense Studies, 1997)
Soviet Policy toward the Korean Peninsula (Seoul, 1987)
Prize:            The Saeki Kiichi Prize  (Prize from Japan Defense Society) in  1984

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