Virtual Expeditions: Expeditions

I. Getting Started

How to Choose Search Engines

Learn how to distinguish between different search engines and how to conduct more accurate online searches.

How to Research Complex Topics

Learn how to develop a research plan, organize findings and evaluate sources of information.

How to Cite Sources

Learn how to prepare citations for resources you discover online.

II. Ecology & Environment

Eye in the Sky

Interpret images of Tokyo Bay and San Francisco Bay from space and make maps that show key geographic features

What Goes In?

Investigate environmental threats to the marine ecosystems of Tokyo Bay and San Francisco Bay and hold a mock press conference to share findings.

What’s In a Watershed?

Research the watersheds of Tokyo Bay and San Francisco Bay and make maps that illustrate the geography of the watershed.

III. Trade & Economics

Trade Away!

Analyze the top imports and exports between the United States and Japan and draw conclusions about the relationship of specific products to job opportunities and wages.

Balance of Trade

Graph and analyze the balance of trade between the United States and Japan and prepare a position paper on open markets versus protected markets.

Exchange Rates

Trade dollars and yen and analyze how exchange rates influence the global economy.

IV. History & Culture


Research the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco and the 1923 earthquake in Tokyo and prepare a “You Are There” news report.

Culture Wheel

Reflect on your cultural values and compare your cultural profile with other students in Japan and the United States.