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In 1992, the Nautilus Institute extended its Asia-Pacific focus to the shores of California with a youth-oriented environmental program that is both educational and transformative. To this end, we launched The Pegasus Project. The project utilizes the Institute’s vessel, the Pegasus, built in 1972 by Baum Shipyard in Kennebunkport, Maine. It is constructed of Philippine mahogany and is 45 feet long on deck, 51 feet overall. Its ketch rig has four sails. The vessel can accommodate seven overnight. The Pegasus has been fitted with extensive safety equipment including a Tinker sailing tender and an eight-person Zodiac liferaft. This vessel was an integral part of the Nautilus Institute until 2004.

In 2006, Pegasus Voyages was established to continue the Pegasus Project, to enable people to experience the marine wilderness in new and empowering ways.

According to their website, “Pegasus Project’s mission is to enable youth to become productive members of a sustainable society through positive outdoor environmental education and by reinforcing life skills. The objectives of Pegasus Project are:

  • To conduct Lifeskills Sails aboard Pegasus for youth including youth at risk. Through the encouragement of a mentoring relationship between adult and youth crewmembers, Lifeskills sails build confidence, focus on teamwork, and empower youth to become active members of a sustainable community.
  • To provide youth participants (and adult crew) with a basic environmental understanding and appreciation of the San Francisco Bay, especially the marine environment, in the course of learning to operate the Pegasus.
  • To provide a multi-year track for underprivileged youth that will enable them to experience their backyard bay through on-the-water activities.
  • To work with partners to develop scholarship options, integrated and multi-level programs, special-needs training and voyages, and in-depth and multi-year programs.”

While the Pegasus continues to run under Pegasus Voyages, The Nautilus Institute has created an archive page in order to highlight this project’s noble roots. Click the links below to discover more.



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