Masahiro Matsumara

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"Masahiro Matsumara", Projects nuclear policy 2nd workshop, June 23, 2001,

Dr. Matsumura is Professor of International Politics at St. Andrew’s University in Osaka, Japan.  He specializes in US-Japan alliance and defense industrial policy.  He earned an LL.B. from Kwansei Gakuin Univeristy, an M.A. in political science from Ohio University, and a Ph.D. in government and politics from the Univesrity of Maryland.  he was a Strategic Studies Fellow at the Research Institute for Peace and Security, Tokyo, a Global ThinkNet Fellow at the Japan Center for International Exchange, a John M. Olin Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, and a faculty memeber of the Salzburg Seminar.

Dr. Matsumura is currently a member of the board of directors at the Japan Association for International Security.  His recent publication are:

1) “Deploying Theater Missile Defense Flexibly,” DEFENSE ANAYSIS, Vol.14, No.2, August 1998.
2) NICHIBEI-DOOMEI TO GUNJI-GIJYUTSU (The U.S.-Japan Alliance and  Military High-Technologies), Keiso Shobo: Tokyo, 1999.
3) “Redesigning Japan’s Command and Control System for Theater Missile Defense,” DEFENSE ANALYSIS, Vol.16,No.2, August 2000.
4) “Nihon No Gunbi No Shoorai (The Future of Japan’s Armament),” MONDAI TO KENKYU (ISSUE & STUDY), October 2000.
5) “ECHELON and the Anglo-American COMMIT Alliance,” KAIGAI JIJYO (THE JOURNAL OF WORLD AFFAIRS), December 2000.
6) “Daitooryoo-Senn-Go No Beikokuno Tainichi-Anzenhoshoo-Seisaku(U.S. Security Policy Toward Japan After the Presidential Election),” CHIAN FORAMU, February 2001.

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