Asian Energy Security Workshop 2005

May 13th – 16th, 2005

Beijing, China


Energy Sector Activities and Plans in the DPRK
by the DPRK Delegation

LEAP Application in the DPRK
by the DPRK Delegation

Understanding Emergency Oil Storage in China
by Yufeng Yang

Joint Stockpiling and Emergency Sharing of Oil
by Eui-soon Shin

District Heating and Distributed Energy
by William Chandler

CHP & Distributed Energy in China
by Feng, Liwen

Energy-Efficiency Technologies in North-East Asia and the Global Energy Demand SRES Scenarios
by Nan Zhou

Japan’s Nuclear Power Program: Trends and Issues
by T. Suzuki

Updates on the Chinese Energy Sector and the China LEAP Model
by Yanjia Wang, Alun Gu, Aling Zhang

Japan Energy Update
by Kae Takase

Mongolia Energy Sector Update
by T. Sukhbaatar, C. Ouynchimeg

Update on the ROK Energy Sector and the ROK LEAP Model
by Woo-jin Chung and Jungmin Kang

Updates on the RFE Energy Sector and the RFE LEAP Model, and Inputs to and Results of RFE Future Energy Paths
by Victor Kalashnikov, Alexander Ognev, and Ruslan Goulidov

For a discussion of the overall energy security analysis methods used in the AES project, see the article “Energy Security Analysis: A New Framework”, prepared by David Von Hippel for the reCOMMEND newsletter for LEAP Users and others interested in energy, environment, and development.

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